I'm Emma Andrews. The tall one over there is Luke, the Asian one is Calum but he isn't Asian, he's kiwi. The one with the bandana is Ashton and the dude with the colored hair is Michael.

We are just trying to survive the zombie apocalypse.


9. Scotch

Emma's POV

The drive was long, filled with pit stops, car games, and occasional silence. We all took turns driving shifts, and it was rare for me to drive because last time I did, I got into a accident with the RV.

We have been on the road for days, and when we finally reached Las Vegas, I couldn't wait to rescue Lydia.

But then after, we would have to go to the CDC in Oregon since the other CDC in Atlanta was farther from us.

Evan's last wish was to give the necklace to his sister and that's what we were going to do. 

Hopefully after, I could go to California with Luke. I wasn't sure if Lydia, Michael, Calum, and Evan's sister Violet would tag along, but we will see.

"Keep your eyes open, there could be walkers out here or crazy people," Michael said in the front seat, next to Luke.

I looked out my window and saw we were entering Las Vegas, looking through all of the hotels. Everything looked in ruins. Tanks and police cars were parked everywhere, but had no driver.

Bodies were on the ground and I didn't want to check if they were alive obviously.

"I've never been to Vegas," Calum says out of no where.

"Seriously? Dude you missed out! The clubs, the chicks, the chaos, it makes you re- think your life in a sense to say, If you fail at life, this is where you'll end up, with a bunch of old guys," Michael says smiling a bit and it's the first time since Lydia was here that he smiled.

"I remember going here, but only for my Aunts wedding, I was about 8. That's when I had my first sip of alcohol," Luke laughed, shaking his head.

"I'm guessing you liked it," I questioned.

Luke shook his head,"No it was disgusting. I almost barfed. Now I kinda want to try it again, it has been a while."

"Well this is Las Vegas, maybe you'll get a little sip of scotch," Michael sighed looking out the window. 

Out of no where, the car stopped, Michael's face turning white. 

"Michael...what happened?" Luke asked.

"We ran out of gas," He said dryly.

"Um guys, we got some roamers coming," Calum said looking out the back window.

"Shit everybody out! " Michael said getting out of the car, everyone grabbing their bags.

"Into here," Luke said running into the closest hotel, which was called Treasure Island. 

Walkers were in front of it, scattered all around, and I shot them down, whatever was in my path I shot, except my teammates of course. 

I pushed through the doors, Calum passing me, followed by Luke and Michael, and the boys grabbed luggage carts t seal the doors.

"That won't hold them for long" I adressed looking from the boys to the doors.

"Well we should probably go then," Luke motioned and ran toward the check in.

Luke jumped over it, killed a walker and still managed to look cte. Wait what?

Luke grabbed a key, and smiled softly. 

"Yoo hoo, earth to Luke, let's go," Michael rolled his eyes.

Luke came back over, running toward the staircase.

There must have been a million stairs to climb. 

"Almost there. We are going to the top floor!" Luke assured us as we all complained. 

"Finally, no more!" Calum said as we rushed out of the stair case and onto the 36th floor.

"Alright room number 26," Luke said walking down the long hallway. 

"Did ya get us a suite?" Calum asks.

"No, I got us a Delux room that could see the strip," Luke smiled proudly.

"Nice," Michael said as we came upon room 26.

Luke slide the key in and opened it.

The room was huge! 

"Nice!" Luke whistled looking around.

"I call picking the master!" Luke said running toward one of the rooms.

"Hey no fair!" Calum said chasing after him. 

I was left with Michael, he ignored me, and just followed right after Calum.


I put my stuff down and turned the tv on. 

"Woa, guys!" I called over as the ran beside me. 

"You alright?" Luke asked.

I pointed at the tv and it was working.

"Woa nice!" Calum said plopping down next to me.

"Why is it working? I thought the power was out?" Michael asked.

"Maybe they have a generator or whatever,' I shrugged giving the remote to Calum.

I walked over to the mini fridge and it was filled with drinks and food.

"Jackpot," Luke scared me as I sprang back.

"Oh my god stop!" I laughed putting my hand over my heart.

"Woah look," Michael said as he looked out the window.

We looked over and say the Las Vegas strip, in ruins. 

"I wonder if California is worse," Luke sighed.

"Hopefully not."

Michael turns around and grabs a bottle of Scotch off the table and fills four glasses.

"It's getting dark, might as well spend a night here and leave tomorrow," Michael says passing the cups around.

"Ugh it smells funny," Luke gagged.

"Come on, just try it. You might die tomorrow and never taste scotch in las vegas while the world is crumbling," Calum nudged him.

"Cheers, to survival," Luke said holding his high.

"To survival," We all said as we clinked our drinks and I drank it.

It wasn't good scotch, I'll tell you that. But it was still nice and after a few sips, it felt soothing. 

"Bleh, still nasty," Luke said pouring the rest into a plant beside him.

"You're nasty," Calum laughed as he grabbed a salad from the mini fridge and giving everyone one for dinner.

"I love salad," I say sarcastically as I take a bite a crouton.

"Really? I love it," Luke says back sarcastically too.



Hey guys! I'm writing a one direction fan fic on here and it won't be all zombie based, just normal teen problems with one direction!


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