I'm Emma Andrews. The tall one over there is Luke, the Asian one is Calum but he isn't Asian, he's kiwi. The one with the bandana is Ashton and the dude with the colored hair is Michael.

We are just trying to survive the zombie apocalypse.


3. Science Museum

Emma's POV

We walked and walked for what seemed to be dragging on for hours. When we came toward downtown, I stopped to rest.

"You okay?" Luke asked.

I grabbed my bottle of water and took a sip," I'm this a smart idea? Walking through Downtown? I's just the museums and zoos were really populated with people...but it's silent...everyone is..gone."

"It will be quicker. We can make it through the airport and get a helicopter or something," Luke assured me but I wasn't so sure.

"Even the airport sounds kinda scary, and do you even know how to fly a helicopter?" I ask.

"No..but how hard can it be?" Luke shrugs.

He starts walking and I catch up with him.

"Have you ever seen these museums before?" I ask.

Luke shakes his head," Only the Children's Museum when I was younger and the zoo but I haven't been here in a while."

"We should stop by...the science museum is pretty cool and the aquarium has some cool sharks. There's a tube that you crawl through a tank and its super dark with little lights on the bottom and you can see piranha's."

"That sounds terrifying actually," Luke laughs,"did you do it?"

"Yea, I stopped halfway because the lights went out. I nearly peed my pants," I admit.

We both laugh and continue to walk in silence.

"You know, where's the military? Shouldn't they be helping?" I ask.

"Not too sure, that's what I'm thinking," Luke agreed.

A couple yards away, I see the Science Museum I used to Volunteer at.

"Lets stop by real quick," I say grabbing his hand and pulling him.

"Shh lower your voice," Luke said sternly but with a small smile on his face.

I dragged him all the way and stopped when we came to the door.

"Is there a alarm?" He asks.

"Lets find out," I shrug and open it.

Nothing happens so we both step inside.

We look around and I see food left on the tables and splatters of blood and it makes me want to throw up.

"Look," Luke whispers as he points to the other side of the museum.

A few walkers are there, not knowing about our presence.

"Lets go see the Dinosaurs!" Luke whispers loudly.

I follow him around until we spot the exibit.

Luke walks up to one of the dinosaurs and touches the leg.

"Can't you read the sign?" I ask pointing to the NO TOUCHING sign.

"Do you see anyone else who cares here?" Luke asks touching it again. 

I sigh and look around.

"Woa," I hear Luke say and I turn around.

It's a megaladon mouth opened so wide, it's taller than Luke.

"That is so cool," I breathe.

"I'm bored now," Luke laughs.

"Okay where too?" 

Luke thinks for a moment and says,"The gemstone hall is pretty cool."

Basically its in a room where it is really dark but the light from the tank of the gem lights the room a bit. It had jewelry and gemstones on display.

"I thought you have never been here?"

"My friends used to go here and talk all about it and it sounds cool,"

"Fair enough,"

We walk upstairs to the Gem hall and walk inside.

"What if there are like, walkers in here?" I ask.

"Then we die," Luke jokes but I don't laugh.

I admire the gems but its a bit hard since the only light provided is from outside the hall, from the sun.

We are halfway through when Luke stops me.

"Shh you hear that?" Luke asks.

I listen and hear gun shots and footsteps.

"The army?"


We peak back outside from the railing and see 3 people, one who looks in his late thirties, the other looking quite young, and the other girl, who looked 17. We watched as the ran in the opposite direction of the gun fire and  seconds later, they all got shot down.

Luke lowered his head but my eyes got glued onto the soldiers who shot them.

"They weren't dead..they were alive," Luke whispered softly.

I kept looking until l hear them go up the stairs.

"Crap Luke come on, lets go," I say grabbing his arm.

He follows me into the dark gem hall and we hide in a little corner.

"Luke puts his head on his knees and he cries softly.

"Luke what's wrong?" I whisper?

"The girl..she was barely even 10," Luke chokes.

I heard footsteps getting close and realize.

"They want to kill everyone...Dead or Not. To end the apocalypse." I say.

The footsteps get louder and I hold Luke's hand. Figures pass us quickly shouting stuff like "Clear" or "Empty".

They pass us again and I hold my breathe.

The footsteps get quieter and I breathe easily.

Just then, a pair of arms wrap around me, a hand on my mouth.

I kick and scream but its muffled.

Luke gets grabbed too and the two figures take us to the back.

The release us and push us down onto our knees, guns pointed toward our heads.

"Please don't kill us," I cry softly.

"We- we aren't in- infected," Luke cries.

"Can't take any chances," one of them says and they are about to pull the trigger when they both fall to the ground at the same time.

" I look up and I see two figures standing there.

"Hello?" One of them asks.

"Yea?" Luke whispered.

A light flashes at us and I squint my eyes.

"Are you gonna kill us?" I ask.

"Obviously not if we saved you guys," The other ones says.

"Who are you two?" The 1st soldier says.

"I'm Luke, this is Emma," Luke answered.

"Are you guys part of the army?" I blurted.

"Not anymore..I'm Evan. Nice to meet you."

"I'm Calum, your hero."



Hey lovelies! I am pretty proud of the book so far so if you coul comment and vote, that would be awesome! Plus, if you want to have a role in the book, just message me on kik and I'll try and find a part for you! Don't be afraid to ask!

Kik- Miniharajuku or Message me on here

BTW The museum I used is the Natural Science Museum in Houston Texas! Check it out, it's super cool.



Family of three- shot by army

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