I'm Emma Andrews. The tall one over there is Luke, the Asian one is Calum but he isn't Asian, he's kiwi. The one with the bandana is Ashton and the dude with the colored hair is Michael.

We are just trying to survive the zombie apocalypse.


19. Scarce

Emma's POV

"That's so sweet thanks but I already know how to shoot a gun, it kinda came naturally," I say to Noah.

"Alright well if you ever want to try and one up me, we could always go shooting together, just the two of us," Noah smiles. 

By all means, Noah was good looking. Like super good looking, he had that flirty farmer boy vibe, even if that isn't a thing. The two of us? In this world, you couldn't take people to the movies or to a carnival, it was more like hey, lets shoot some walkers on the beach. 

"Um sure I guess," I shrug looking toward the field and seeing Luke and the boys laughing. My heart skips a beat whenever I think about Luke kissing me, even though it was just a quick peck on the lips. 

"I got to go help my mom with some things but I'll catch you later?" Noah says and gives me a hug. 

I awkwardly pat him on the back and wave as he walks away. 

I look back at Luke but he doesn't look too happy. Hmmm.

I spot Ashton waving to Riley and when she leaves, I walk over to him.

"Ashton has a crush," I sing.

"No, I am just having a conversation with someone who happens to be the opposite gender." Ashton says rolling his eyes, smiling. 

"Yea that's how it starts. First you chat, then you chat more, then there is laughing and smiling and cuddling, then hugging, which leads to kissing and kissing leads to more kissing and more kissing means nasty stuff and nasty stuff leads to a baby," I tease.

"You have been hanging out with Calum haven't you?" Ashton laughs leaning against the wooden fence.

"Maybe, heck we could probably be related," I shrug.

"What about you? With Noah over at the barn?" Ashton asks.

"Ew gross, he's sweet I guess but I don't know," I sigh running my fingers through my hair.

"Have you visited Violet yet?" Ashton asks.

I shake my head,"Rachel wants me to let her rest or whatever."

"Same, I asked her that too but she wants me to just kinda stay you like this place? Do you feel safe?" Ashton asks.

I shrug," I mean just seems off I guess. How perfect it seems I mean, what if it is exactly like the CDC?"

"That's what Michael said, he hasn't eaten anything besides the fruit here, doesn't trust the cows or pigs or something," Ashton sighs.

"Yea, it does taste a lil off but they don't have seasonings for it so that's probably why," I shrug.

"Hey Erica, can you come help me with this?" I hear Luke yell from the barn and I nod.

"See ya later Ashton, I'll be right back," I tell him and get up and walk over to the barn. 

"Hey Oscar, what's up?" I ask him, using his fake name.

"Check this out," he says and leads me inside the barn. There are cows and horses in the barn in each stall, making small noises.

"What is it?" I ask him.

He points at the end and there is another big door. 

"It's locked," Luke says shaking the lock on the door.

"Yes it is, thanks for pointing it out," I laugh softly but Luke remains serious.

"They are hiding something from us!" Luke says.

I shake my head,"Or maybe they are trying to keep snoops out of the way like you and Mikey."

Lue shakes his head sighing.

"What's your problem?" I ask Luke as he crosses his arms.

"Nothing! I have no problem. You seem to like it here soo much since Noah is here giving you free hugs," Luke snaps.

"You are kidding me right? A stupid hug? I never knew how jealous you were of Noah," I say. 

"Jealous? Me jealous?! That's crazy. While everyone is focusing on surviving, you are worried about me being jealous over that farmer boy!" 

I glare at Luke, clearly pissed,"Farmer boy? Luke gosh you are unbelievable. I'm concentrating on two things, my parents and you to keep alive. Not some farmer's son okay? My goal is to keep you safe!"

"Well my goal is to keep you safe, your goal should be to stop hugging stupid ass farmers!" Luke yells. 

"Is there a problem?" Calum asks from the doorway, looking concerned.

"No, we are fine," I sigh rubbing my forehead.

"Yea just fine," Luke mutters and leaves the barn, pushing through Calum.


Luke's POV

When dinner rolls around, we all enter the house and hang out in the dining room. 

"You guys, tonight you will have the best dinner of your lives, I guarantee it!" Rachel yells from the kitchen.

"Has anyone seen Riley?" Ashton asks, bouncing Faith on his lap.

"I think she is in the barn, Oscar, could you be a dear and go get her?" Rachel asks.

"Sure thing," I say and walk passed Emma as she laughs at whatever joke Michael just said. 

I walk down the steps of the house and see Riley playing with her dog. I jog over to her and Peaches,"Hey dinner is ready."

Riley gets up fast and looks me in the eye.

"Leave! Leave while you still can! Go, just go now before it's too late," Riley whispers loudly as she scoops up Peaches.

"What do you mean? What's going on?" I ask her.

"See for yourself...upstairs...there is a room with the white wooden door, it's locked. Use this key and unlock it..." Riley says giving me the key with her shaky hands.

"Why are you doing this? What's happening?" I ask.

Riley shakes her head,"You guys shouldn't have come, you have no idea what's in store. I can't let you guys die, especially the kids and Ashton. Go, check for yourself! Then get out of here! Far away just go!" Riley says pushing me toward the house.

I look back and I run toward the house, hiding the key in my pocket. 

"Hey Luke? Where's Riley?" Jacob asks from the dining room.

"Peaches is still using the restroom...Hey where is the bathroom? I need to wash my hands?" I lie. 

"Upstairs, first door," Jacob says and continues to chat with Calum.

I walk up the stairs and go toward the white door. I turn the knob and it is locked, like Riley said. My heart beats out of my chest as I put the key in. 

I open the door and the room is dark, pitch black. I turn on the light and I'm caught appalled.

"Vi- violet?" I say.

Violet is barely awake and I could tell how bad her leg is. It's severed off and same for her arm.

"Don'" She says quietly and passes out. I breathe heavily and storm out of the room and downstairs toward the dinning room. 

"DON'T EAT THE FOOD!" I yell out of breath. 

Everyone stops what they are doing, staring at me.

"What are you talking about?" Rachel asks.

"You sick twisted monster! This isn't cow!" I yell.

Michael and Ashton give me a worried look, dropping their forks.

"Why of course it isn't it's lamb," Rachel says smiling.

"You're lieing! They are feeding us human meat! You guys are eating Violet!" I shout.

Logan drops his fork and Calum gags, spitting into his napkin. 

"Everything could have turned out okay for you guys," Jacob sighs.

"Here, you are taught not to waste! Food is scarce! She was going to die anyway," Rachel says.

"You guys are sick!" Michael shouts.

"Hush don't yell at the dinner table!" Rachel shouts, hitting her hand on the table.

"We go after people who are going to ya'll," Noah says.

"We are leaving!" Emma says standing up.

"Like hell you are!" Noah yells and grabs her hair as she shrieks and sits her down.

"Don't touch her asshole!" I yell and go towards him.

"You don't want to do that!" Jacob says aiming his shotgun at me.

I stop and back away."That's better," Jacob smiles.

"You are all going to die here me?! Every last one of you," Rachel snarls.

Noah stands Faith up as Jacob grabs Logan, "Starting with you two!" Noah says.

"No!" Ashton and I say at the same time and something hits me in the back of my head.



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