I'm Emma Andrews. The tall one over there is Luke, the Asian one is Calum but he isn't Asian, he's kiwi. The one with the bandana is Ashton and the dude with the colored hair is Michael.

We are just trying to survive the zombie apocalypse.


23. San Francisco

Michael's POV

I looked at the tired kids, sleeping on the boat with their dad and it reminded me of Jason and Roxy. They were like two peas in a pod, never fighting each other, only me. I should have been more grateful to have those kids as a brother and sister...I should've let them sleep in my room that night, none of this would have happened if I let them into my room. 

"Mikey?" I heard a small voice ask as I woke up. My eyes met Jason and Roxy's, both of them looking terrified. 

"What's wrong? You guys okay?" I asked getting up.

"I can't sleep," Roxy whimpered, clutching onto her stuffed animal. 

"Me too, can we sleep in here Mikey? We keep hearing scary noises," Jason whined. 

I groaned, rubbing my eyes, I said,"Go sleep with mum and dad. There is more room."

Jason and Roxy looked down and both sighed,"Okay goodnight love you Mikey."

"Love you too."


A loud bang flooded my house as I shot up. A loud cry was heard and I quickly jumped out of bed, not caring that I was only wearing pants. I ran into my parents room and saw my dad and mom, lying on the bed, with a pool of blood surrounding them. 

"M- Mikey..." a small voice cried in the corner. I ran over and saw Roxy, leaned up against the wall, clutching her stomach. I rushed next to her and saw the small circle of blood surrounding her stomach, where she held her hand. 

"Oh my god..Roxy,you're going to be okay alright?! Just hang on," I said, trying to stay calm. I looked around and saw the black pistol my dad kept just in case in his hand. 

"It hurts," Roxy cried, tears spilling from her light green eyes. 

"Michael, you okay buddy?" Luke asks shaking me out of my thoughts.

"Yea just tired," I sigh, rubbing my eyes. Luke nods and looks at the water. 

"Are you okay Luke? You seem out of it," I ask and Luke nods softly, resting his head on his hands. 

"The world has gone to absolute shit Michael..people are dieing everyday because of those...things. They don't care if you are a kid, teen or adult. They just eat and eat and it had me thinking, what if life will always be like this? No end, no mercy, forever death?"

I look at Luke, slightly taken back. His blue eyes were tired and dark, almost as if they were drained. 

"Luke, you- you can't say that. This will end soon, it's like a plague, it didn't last forever! We will survive this. We made sacrifices damn it and we are here because we are Survivors. We did things that we regret but they crafted us into the people we are today."

Luke nodded and I knew this world was getting to him. Maybe he wasn't built for this world. Well, who is? Certainly not me. 

"We're almost there," Harry shouted from the front, causing Calum to stir beside Emma. 

"Fuck I'm so tired," Calum yawned, rubbing his eyes.

"Language," Ashton said across from us with a stern look, motioning over to the kids, who are now awake.

"My bad," Calum sighed and sat up straight. 

"It's so...dark," Emma said, looking out on the water. There were no lights on, except for a few street lights near the edge of the docks, probably where the safe zone is. 

"It's scary looking," Faith said quietly, clutching onto Ashton. 

"Don't worry, it's just scary because it's dark. It will be less scary when we go there," Ashton comforted her. 

"Hope so," I say under my breath.


"Oh my god," I whistled as I stepped off the docks. Men with guns guarded the 10ft metal fence and huge street lights light up the path. 

"How many survivors do you guys usually get a day?" Luke asked. 

"Sadly, not many as we used to. It's only been like what, maybe 3-6 months since the outbreak and the population is dropping rapidly. We have about 70 people here, 30 soldiers. We get at least around 6 people every week or so (math might not match up, BEAR with me)." Louis said as he guided us toward the gate. 

"If you don't mind...." Harry said as 3 guards came up next to him. 

"Excuse me?" Calum asked, tilting his head to the side. 

A female guard spoke up,"To let you into this property, we have to make sure you aren't infected or bit."

"How will you determine that?" Riley asked, crossing her hands across her chest. 

Harry made his lips into a thin line as Louis tried to hide his smile.

"Oh," Luke said as his face got hot. 

"This half go with Mamrie, the other half go with Wilson," Harry said as he split us up. 

We step into a tent with curtains on either side of the "hallway" and puts The kids and Ashton together while I get put into another room.

"Into this room," Wilson said as he unlocked the door and I stepped inside. "Please take off your clothes," Wilson says. 

"Um no," I say back crossing my arms. 

"Please do so or I will do it by force," Wilson says and I continue to cross my arms.


"All clear," Wilson said after checking me.

"Yea no shit I told you that before you took my clothes off," I huffed and quickly slid on my boxers and put the rest of

my clothes on. I walked out of the room and joined back with the rest of the group,  excluding Calum and Riley. 

"Hey Luke, how was it basically getting your clothes ripped off by a complete stranger?" I asked him as I sat down.

"Horrible, I felt highly invaded of my privacy," Luke said his face redder than a tomato.

"Aww it's okay Lukey," Emma cooed and gave him a hug. 

"I felt violated too, can I get a hug?" I asked. 

"Ha no," Luke said getting serious. 

"Okay Jesus!" Riley cursed as she exited the room.

"What happened to you? And why are you soaking wet?" I asked. 

"She checked me and I coughed quietly and she fucking hosed me down! I mean, for what?! How does that help?!" Riley groaned and squeezed the water out of her hair.

"Psh well I had a brilliant time," Calum said having the biggest smile on his face.

"You're disgusting," Luke said rolling his eyes.

"Follow me, we'll show you where you'll be staying," Harry nodded and we all got up,"Hope this won't turn out like the farm." I said in my head.


"Here this is where you'll eat," Louis said as we entered a warehouse that all the food was stored and served. 

A man in a military uniform walked over to Harry and whispered something into his ear. 

"We must be going, please feel free to eat." Harry said and walked off with Louis. 

We all waited in line patiently for the food, however some people did not. 

"Man get out of here," A  guy with black quiffed hair said and shoved another guy back. 

"Fuck you Zayn," The blonde guy said and pushed him back. A figh broke out between the two and Calum and I hurried to break them up. 

"Get off of him dude," I shouted and grabbed the one named Zayn  and shoved him off, but he quickly punched me in the face

"Hey watch it man!" I heard Luke shout as he got out of line and got Zayn off of me. 

I touched the edge of my eye and felt blood dripping down. 

"Ow fuck!" I cursed. 

"Knock it off you two!" Calum shouted as Luke and him separated the two. 

"I'll take you to the medic tent," Emma said as she lifted me back up and we both walked together. 

"Hey Mikey, has Luke seemed off to you?" Emma asked. 

"Well yea, he seems tired probably," I said shrugging. 

"Oh okay..." Emma sighed and we continued to walk in silence.

"You shouldn't worry about him Em, he's fine," I said.

"I don't think so. He has been so out of it...I don't know nevermind," Emma shrugged.

I stopped in front of the tent and looked at Emma.

"Don't worry, we will all take care of him. He is just worried about keeping you safe and all that. He's practically the leader, more or less. He is worried for all of us, it's just stress, a phase even," I said, putting my hand on her shoulder.

"Thanks Michael, that helps," She smiles and I open the curtain.

"Hi how can we help y- Michael?!" 



Guess who sucks at updating! ME!

Sooo Lydia is back! She is alive yay! And Niall and Zayn are here, adding them to the mix!

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