This is a love story about rose and niall will they be forever?can rose be strong when nialls on tour?


3. Starbucks

Roses POV

I'm so nervous what am I going to say or do when I walk in this door?! I have to remember to act cool and I go right as I walked in I seen niall in the corner with his black ray bans on and a hoodie

Rose:hey Irish boy

Niall:hey red hair

Rose:my name is rose but you could call me Rosie

Niall:my name is Niall Horan

Rose:we should talk more about ourselfs

Niall:we'll I'm niall and I live in mulligar Ireland and I like to sing,eat and girls like you

Rose:we'll my name is rose Jonson and I live in London England and I like to eat,dance and boys like you

Niall:we're cheeky

Rose:we are

Niall I have a question to ask you

Rose:go on

Niall:will you do the honor of being my princess

Rose:yes my nialler

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