This is a love story about rose and niall will they be forever?can rose be strong when nialls on tour?


1. 1 meet and great

Roses POV

I can't win the freaking tickets to see one direction.But you know my best friend can get meet and greet tickets.the only reason I want to see them is just to see Niall know what I'm going to buy them.but you know a 18 year old like me has so much money to just throw around.the concert is tonight so I'm going to get meet and greet tickets for front row and back stage.

*at the concert*

Omg I'm next to meet them I'm going to meet fixing to walk in well here I go

Nialls POV

So the next girl came in and she's so beautiful.her long red hair and those blue eyes I could get lost in.when we lined up for the picture she got next to me! So when she did I sighed her phone with my number and my name.

Roses POV

I hade just found my seats and look at my phone to text Audrey my best friend you know the back stabbing bitch that won't bother to say sorry I didn't know you want to go.when I seen niall gave me his number niall freaking horan gave me his I guess I will text him

Rose:hey it's the girl from back stage

Just trying to act cool

Niall:oh hey I was wonder if you would like to go have lunch with me tomorrow?!

Did niall just ask me on a date

Rose:sure where?


Rose:sure 12:00


I'm going on a date with niall horan tomorrow

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