Unimaginable Love (Muke Hybrid story)

Michael Clifford is a well known gang leader. Luke Hemmings is an innocent cat hybrid. What happens when the two worlds collide? Read to find out.


3. Chapter 3

Luke's POV

   They think of me as a friend? I've never really heard someone call me that before. I am so used to people calling me a freak or a monster. I actually like being thought of as a friend. I was snapped out of my thoughts by someone tapping on my shoulder. It scared me and I ended up jumping on top of the dresser. I looked down and saw Michael looking at me in shock.

   "Damn, you sure as hell can jump" He said. I smiled sheepishly and climbed off of the dresser.

   "S-Sorry, you sc-scared me" I stuttered. He just gave me a smile and grabbed my hand. I blushed at the sudden contact. I know it isn't that important, but he is different from the other people that I met. I shook myself back to reality and let him drag me to the kitchen. I looked at him in confusion.

   "You are going to eat something. It is almost four in the afternoon and you didn't eat anything all day" He said, making me sit at the table.

   "That is because I am not hungry" I said. Just as the words left my mouth a loud grumble came from my stomach.


   "Your stomach says some thing entirely different" Michael said with a smirk. He grabbed a thing of tuna and opened the can. My eyes grew wide at the lovely smell of the canned fish. After about two minutes, he put two tuna sandwiches in front of me. After I finished off both of the sandwiches, I got up and followed Michael into the living room. I saw everyone sitting on the couch, watching T.V. As soon as everyone saw us, Liam turned off the television.

   "What are the plans for today Mikey?" Ashton asked. Michael looked at me and then back at Ashton.

   "I need to go out for a few hours. I was wondering if you guys could keep an eye on Luke while I'm gone" Michael said. I looked up at him with sad eyes. Was he going to leave me? Was I being bad?

   "Luke, I will be back in a few hours. I want you to stay here with everyone while I'm gone" Michael said. I nodded my head and looked at the others. Once Michael left, Ashton told me to sit down. I did so instantly because I was afraid they would hurt me for disobeying.

   "So Luke, what were you doing in the alley where Michael found you?" Niall asked.

   "I was hiding from the people who were experimenting on me" I replied nervously. Before they could ask me anything else, my ear twitched to the door. I quickly jumped up and hissed at the door. The others looked at me in confusion and worry.

   "What's wrong Luke?" Ashton asked.

Zayn's POV

   "What's wrong Luke?" Ashton asked after Luke jumped up and hissed at the door. Luke looked at us and instead of his eyes being the pale blue they usually were, they were a glowing yellow color.

   "Unwelcome visitors" He stated before turning his attention back to the door. We all looked at each other and nodded. We all quickly ran and grabbed our weapons. When we went back downstairs, Luke was gone.

   "Luke, buddy where are you?" I asked loudly. I heard a noise come from the kitchen and quickly ran that way. I burst through the kitchen door, only to have something heavy slammed against my head. I fell to the ground feeling extremely dizzy. The last thing I saw was a bag being put over my head before everything went black.

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