Unimaginable Love (Muke Hybrid story)

Michael Clifford is a well known gang leader. Luke Hemmings is an innocent cat hybrid. What happens when the two worlds collide? Read to find out.


1. Chapter 1

Michael's POV

   I had decided to go for a walk around the city so I could get away from all the noise at the house. As I was walking past an alley, I heard a soft meow. It sounded so full of fear and pain. I followed the sound to see what the hell was wrong with the stupid cat. I walked down the alley and to the other side of the dumpster. When I got there, my mouth dropped. Sitting by the dumpster, covered in dirt and scars, was a boy. Not just any boy. This boy had orange cat ears. It was a hybrid. I looked at his tail and noticed that it was stuck under the dumpster. I quickly lifted the dumpster and moved his tail out from under it. He looked up at me with big eyes.

   "Th-thank y-y-you" He said in a small voice. I looked him up and down and noticed that his shirt was ripped and covered in blood. I looked at his tail again and noticed that the tip of it was covered in blood as well.

   "Don't mention it. How about you come with me to my house and we get you cleaned up?" I asked, looking him in the eyes. He slowly nodded his head and I helped him up.

   "Oh, by the way, I'm Michael. What's your name?" I asked, helping him walk.

   "L-L-Luke" He whispered in a scared voice. I wonder what could have happened to him that would make this scared. After about 10 minutes, we finally arrived at the mansion. I opened the door and went inside. As soon as I entered the house, I was greeted by Liam. He looked at Luke and then back at me in confusion.

   "Who and what is that ?" Liam asked, pointing at Luke.

   "This is Luke. He's a cat hybrid and I found him injured by a dumpster. Now, if you will excuse me, I am going to take him upstairs so I can clean him up" I explained. I walked past Liam and up the stairs to my room. I walked to my bathroom and turned on the bath water. After I got the water ready, I walked back into my room.

   "Hey Luke, come on. I got your bath ready" I said. Luke got off of my bed and followed me back into the bathroom. I helped him take off his shirt and then I turned around while he took off the remaining clothes and got into the tub.

   "You can turn around now" He said.

   I turned around and walked over to the tub. I started to wash all of his cuts and bruises, making him wince every once in a while. After I was done giving him a bath, I gave him a towel and walked into my room to see if I could find him something to wear. I grabbed a plain t-shirt, a pair of sweat pants and some underwear. I grabbed a pair of scissors and cut a hole in both the underwear and pants. That way he wouldn't have to cram his tail into the pants. I brought the clothes to Luke and then went back into my room to wait for him to get dressed. About two minutes later, Luke came out of the bathroom looking a lot better then when I found him.

   "You look a lot better. Now come with me so you can meet the others" I said. I led Luke down the stairs and into the living room, where everyone was watching T.V. I grabbed the remote and turned off the T.V, causing everyone to groan.

   "Oh, shut up. You'll live" I said. They all looked at me in confusion. I grabbed Luke's arm and pulled him in front of everyone. They all stared at him with wide eyes.

   "This is Luke. Luke these are my friends. That's Calum, Ashton, Zayn, Louis, Liam, Niall, Harry, and my sister Skyler" I introduced, pointing each person out. Luke gave them a small wave and hid behind me. He is so adorable.

   "Is that an actual Hybrid?" Ashton asked. I nodded my head.

   "He is so cute" Harry said. I looked at Luke at saw that he was smiling a little.

   "Luke is going to be staying here with us. I want all of you to treat him with respect" I ordered. I don't know what got into me. I usually don't care how they treat people.

   "Don't worry Mikey." Skyler said, "We won't hurt him." I gave her a smile.

   "Ok, good. Now, I am going to leave Luke in here while I go and get a shower. This is the perfect time for all of you to get to know him" I said. They all nodded and I left to go and get a shower.

Luke's POV

   After Michael left, I looked at everyone. What if they hurt me like my last master did? All of a sudden, I felt a hand on my shoulder, making me jump. I looked at who touched me and saw that it was Calum.

   "You don't have to be afraid. We promise that we won't hurt you" He said.  I slowly nodded my head and he pulled me to the couch.

   "Can you tell us about yourself?" Niall asked.

   "W-what do you w-w-wanna know?" I stuttered.

   "Why are you so scared?" Zayn asked.

   "Because I don't want to say the wrong thing and have you guys hate me" I replied shyly.

   "Don't worry about that. We could never hate you" Louis said. I gave him a small smile.

   "How old are you?" Liam asked

   "17" I answered.

   "What is your last name?" Niall asked.

   "Hemmings" I replied.

   "Can I pet your tail?" Ashton asked. I looked at him in confusion before slowly nodding my head. As soon as I nodded, Ashton started to stroke my tail.

   "Are you having fun Ashton?" I heard Michael's voice say. We all turned around and saw Michael standing there with a smirk on his face.

   "Yes. His tail is so soft" Ashton replied shyly.

   "So Luke, were you born a hybrid or were you created?" Calum asked.

   "I was born a hybrid" I informed.

   "Ok guys. I think it's about time we go to bed. We have a long day tomorrow" Michael announced. Everyone got up went upstairs.

   "You are going to be sleeping in my room" Michael said, looking at me. I slowly nodded my head and followed him up the stairs and to his room. when we got to his room, he pulled me over to the bed.

   "You and I are going to share the bed" He said, scooting over and making room for me. I climbed into the bed and closed my eyes, letting sleep overtake me.

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