The Man Who Had No Fears

~I don't know~


2. Uh-Oh!

Rrring! Rrring! Gales’ alarm clock rang. Gale got out of bed and looked at the clock – 5:36 am ! He got dressed, grabbed some money and tiptoed past his parents’ bedroom. “My parents must NEVER know about this !!” Gale thought to himself as he got out of the house. Gale rushed to the treehouse and he got there quickly !“Shall we go shopping now?” Nalu asked as she looked down at Gale.“Yeah. Let’s go !” Juvi jumped out of the treehouse.Gale, Nalu, Juvi, and Ciel went to many stores. They purchased cardboard, wood, Bristol boards, paint, costumes, and other things they might need for a haunted house.For many days, they shopped for materials and soon enough, their parents got suspicious.

Once again, Gale woke up early and tiptoed past his parents’ bedroom. As he was about to leave the house, he heard someone behind him. Gale turned around “Gale. Where do you think you’re going ? His mother, Levy, asked with her arms crossed.“U-uh…hey m-m-mom. Why are you up so early?” Gale stammered.*Slam* The door shut close behind him. Gale turned around to see – “*thud* D-D-D-Da-Da..” words couldn’t come out of his mouth as he looked up at his father, Gajeel, with a terrified look on his face. Gajeel looked

down at Gale and picked him up. Gajeel tossed him into his room and locked the door.“You are never getting out of this room unless you need to go to school or you need food. Understood?” Gajeel talked from the other side of the door.“U-understood…” Gale said with a soft voice.

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