The Man Who Had No Fears

~I don't know~


3. Todays the perfect day for an escape !

3 days passed and the fog was about to be cleared in a day or so. Gale looked out the window and he decided to go out through there. He took his costume and tied some blankets together then slowly let it fall down out of the window. Then, he tied it to his bed and proceeded to climb down the blankets. Once he felt the concrete, he ran to the secret hideout and found a haunted house already created.“Hey.Look guys,it’s Gale.” Juvi grabbed him and threw him into a spot.“Get into your costume,we’re about the open the haunted house.” Juvi stomped away angrily.“Hey.Gale,where were you ?You made us wait and you disappeared without saying anything to anyone” Nalu looked sad“U-um,I’ll tell you later.The first costumer is about to come inside” Gale tried avoiding the question.The first costumer was wearing sunglasses and normal clothes. As the costumer turned to each corner,he wasn’t fazed by anything.It was as though he had no fears at all.The 4 tried to scare the costumer,but no luck.“Excuse me,but how weren’t you scared of anything?” Ciel tightly held the coctumers arm.“Simple.” The costumer started to speak “I’m blind.” Everyone was in shock.“Well,thanks for letting me into the haunted house !It was a lot of fun!”The costumer,who was a 13 year-old teenager,waved goodbye,made a big grin and left.  THE END

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