The Man Who Had No Fears

~I don't know~


1. Haunted house idea

It was a dark and foggy day, the perfect setting to scare people. Gale, a 14 year-old prankster, with long black hair tied into a ponytail and dark brown eyes,  was heading over to his and his’ best friends’ secret hideout while carrying a notebook. Their hideout was in the forest-since it was a treehouse-far away from the city they lived in. “Hey! Gale’s finally here! We’ve been waiting FOR-EV-ER!” Juvi spun around in a chair. (Juvi had short blue hair. She’s thin and she’s girly yet tough. She has blue eyes and she always wears gloves and normally wears a fur coat with a skirt underneath)“Let him BE Juvi. His parents’ were probably yelling at him over nothing again.” Nalu said with a grin (Nalu had peach-colored hair that was in a ponytail. Nalu’s a girly-girl and she’s really kind. She has yellow eyes-which is a rare color for eyes- and she normally wears a plain t-shirt with leggings and boots)“Whatever. I don’t care. Because of him I’m going to be scolded by my folks. My curfew was at 8:00 pm, but guess what time it is, It’s 9:00 pm. So whatever you have to say to us, Gale, it better be worth it.” Ciel clicked his tongue (Ciel had black-colored hair and blue eyes. Ciel has an eyepatch on one eye because he got into an accident. He’s mostly calm and he’s mean sometimes, but he’s funny and fun)Gale apologized and grinned.“It is worth it Ciel. I got a great idea!!” Gale opened up his notebook.Gale showed them his sketches and blueprints for a haunted house.“I checked the weather and it’s going to stay foggy for a few weeks!” Gale eagerly showed them all his pictures and all his plans.Ciel, Juvi, and Nalu all looked at each other. Then, they went along with Gales’ idea. So, the decided they were going to start right away since they don’t have much time.

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