I don't Dance

I knew him. Well I knew guys like him. I had watched guys like him pass by me all my life. The type that drink until they can't walk, who get any girl they want. Those guys that thought they were invincible, and that they owned the world. That the whole world revolved around them.. so why was this one so different.


3. Weeks End

The week was almost over, and I hadn't seen Trevor since our talk that morning. I was just locking up the bar when someone came up from behind me, and poked me. I jumped and turned around, it was Cam and Trevor.

"Well it's been a week, and I haven't even done so much as look at another girl." Trevor said with a smile across his face. I just looked at Cam.

"Really?" I asked Cam.

"Really, he asked me to watch him, and make sure he behaved." Cam said.

"I need to talk to Cam for a second." I said pulling Cam away.

"What is the point of this?" I asked him.

"This kid is stupid, he doesn't know what he wants, but right now he thinks that he wants you. So please just let him take you out tonight so I can finally hear the end of this. I know it won't go much farther than this, he isn't your type Sara. Please just do this for me." Cam said.

I took a minute to think about it, and then finally agreed. "Fine, but if it is going badly, I am calling you, and you are dropping whatever you are doing to come get me then." I said. He nodded his head, and we walked back over to Trevor.

"Fine." I said. Cam stayed over there, and was now walking away from us.

"What are we going to do?" I asked walking with him towards a truck. It was nice, must of been brand-new, almost looked like it had never been driven before.

"Surprise." He said smirking at me, and then opening the truck door for me. I hopped in the truck, and waited for him to get in the other side.

We drove for twenty minutes in silence until the truck finally came to a stop. We were in a field, I hadn't seen it before. He got out, and walked over to my side of the truck, and opened the door for me.

"Go wait by the back of the truck, and keep your eyes closed." He said.

I could here lots of rustling, and movement, but I kept my eyes closed the entire time.

"Open." He said. When I opened my eyes he was standing in front of me, and the back of the truck. The bucket of the truck was filled with pillows, and a blankets. There was a cooler on the tailgate, and he passed me a beer out of it.

"Shall we?" He asked. I just gave him a little smile, this is the sort of thing Dan would do for me. He lifted me up into the bucket of the truck, and then climbed in with me.

"So tell me about you." He said simply.

"What do you want to know?" I asked.

"Tell me about your family." He said laying down beside me.

"I have two younger brothers, Mark, and Braxton. My parents are happily married. How about you?" I asked.

"I grew up in foster care all my life, never met my parents, and I do not know if I have any siblings." He said almost like it didn't faze him one bit.

"I am so sorry." I said looking down.

"Don't be, how old are you exactly?" He asked.

"23 as of last week." I said.

"Oh, I am 25." He said.

"What made you move to this town?" He asked.

"Oh.. well, I moved here with Dan when I was 17. I already know why you moved here." I said. He just smirked.

"Why did you really want to take me out?" I asked turning my body to face him.

"You honestly have to be the most beautiful thing I have ever seen. You are smart, well you are a smart ass. I just wanted to get to know you better." He said. "What made you say yes?" He asked turning towards me now.

"I just needed to get out, and have some fun, do something different. I highly doubt Cam told you anything about me?" I asked.

"He hasn't told me a thing. I would really like to know more about this Dan thing?" He said. He asked as if he didn't know if it was okay to ask me that.

"I met Dan when I had just turned 17. The local rodeo was in town, and my family went every year. I watched him ride that bull for the first time, and I had never been so intrigued, and scared for someone in my life. Something about me must of caught his eye, because he came up to me after his ride. He asked to take me out, and of course like a dumbfounded girl I said yes. That summer I fell in love with that boy, and he promised me the world. Finally he had to leave my town, on to another rodeo, another town. The last night he was there he asked me to come with him, I ran away with him. We were on the road for a year when we finally settled down here. He got a house, and we moved in. He rode bulls here, and all over America for four years when I was with him, and not until later did I realize how serious it was. His last ride was against a bull they called stamp. Not an intimidating name, but he had killed 7 men before he had gotten to Dan. I begged him not to ride that day, I knew something wasn't right. The bull bucked him off, and he landed on his head. He was in a coma for 4 months before he finally died. I sat there every day with that boy. He promised me the world, and he gave it to me in just 5 years." I said. I hadn't realized how much rambling I had done.

"I guess that really raises the bar for me." He said smiling. I gave him a little smile, he was trying and I could see it.

"I love it out here." I said looking back up at all of the stars.

"It's really breathtaking out here. Sometimes I come out here and just stare at the sky for hours." He said.

"I can see why you would." I said smiling.

"What if I made you a promise, that I would never break." He said.

I looked over at him, something about him was very calming to me. "And what is that?" I asked.

"I may not be able to promise you the world, but I will promise you that if we continue this I will give you the best of me." He said. It was like reliving that summer with Dan all over again.

"I know how this is going to end Trevor." I said sitting up.

"Listen I know that bull riding is a dangerous sport, trust me I know, and I don't know how much time I really have left, but something. Something out here is telling me that I wanna spend all that time with you." He said sitting up with me.

I knew that deep down I did have feelings for him, I don't know why I had them, or how I got them, but I knew they were there. I pulled out my phone, and called Cam.

"You need to come get me, we are in Wallace's field." I said, and then hung up the phone.

"What's wrong?" He asked.

"I can't do this right now, I gotta go." I said standing up, and hopping out of the truck. It was twenty minutes before Cam showed up.

"What did you do to her?" Cam asked getting out of the truck, and walking up to Trevor.

"Cam, he didn't do anything, I just need to go home." I said with tears starting to fall down my face. I pushed Cam away from Trevor.

It was a couple days before I had seen either of them. I was at work at the bar when Cam came walking up to me.

"What did you do to that boy?" He asked.

"What do you mean?" I asked.

"All that boy has been doing since your little date was boozing, and blowing off his practices." Cam said.

"Cam I can't it again, I can't watch the same thing happen to that boy." I said,

"I see it in your eyes, you like him, and he likes you so what is the harm?" He asked.

"What happens when he breaks his neck to? Falling in love with this boy is suicide for me." I said.

"Well you can't go on living the way  you do. You know what I see? Two people that need someone, that might be meant for each other." Cam said.

"Whether or not you decide to give that boy a chance, he deserves an explanation on why." He said, and then walked away.

I didn't know what to tell him. Something about him made me want to get to know him to, but I didn't want to get hurt like that ever again.

"Kim, can you cover me for 15 minutes?" I asked her. She nodded with a smile on her face.

"Go get that boy." She said.

I walked out the back of the bar, and over to the truck. I drove to the house where all of the bull riders were staying. I walked up tot he house, and knocked on the door.

"Is Trevor here?" I asked as soon as the door opened. I recognized the guy from the bar, but I have never actually spoken to him. He looked a little surprised to see me, and even more surprised I was asking for Trevor.

"Yah, come in. He is in his room, first door on the right." He said pointing at the hallway.

I walked down the hall until I was at the first door, and swung it open. He was passed out cold, I could still smell the alcohol on him. I grabbed the bottle of water beside his bed, and started to dump it on him.

"Wake up!" I yelled. The cold water started him, but he quickly flipped over.

"What the fuck!" He yelled wiping his eyes until he saw it was me, and then froze.

"What the hell do you think you are doing? You have been drinking like a fish, and skipping your practices? Are you stupid? You think that shit is going to fly here in the real world?"

I asked.

"What do you know about the real world?" He asked.

"You know what? I do not know a lot, but I know that neither one of us is living in it. Me shutting everyone out, and you drinking, and being a dumbass." I said. He just sat there for a minute.

"What are you trying to say?" He asked.

"Maybe we can try this thing out, and if it doesn't work we forget about each other, but I don't see how things can get worse for either of us at this point." I said. He was standing up by this point now. My anger was starting to go away, and I noticed that he was only in his boxers.

He just walked up to me, and pushed me against the wall aggressively, and placed his forehead against mine, and then slowly went in for the kiss. His lips were so soft, I hadn't felt this way for a long time.

I pulled away from the kiss. "You need to get dressed, and get your ass to practice." I said smirking.

"Only if I can come pick you up after I am done." He said still pressing up against me.

"You got me all wet." I said looking down at my clothes, they were soaked from the water I had dumped on him.
"Oh don't worry that's gonna happen a lot." He said playfully. I just rolled my eyes, and pushed him away playfully.

I made my way back to the rodeo, and into the back of the bar.

"Soooo?" Kim asked as I walked in. "He is picking me up after work." I said with a little smile.

"OOOO!" She said screamed.

"What's happening?" Henry asked walking over to us.

"He is picking her up after work." Kim said to Henry.

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