I don't Dance

I knew him. Well I knew guys like him. I had watched guys like him pass by me all my life. The type that drink until they can't walk, who get any girl they want. Those guys that thought they were invincible, and that they owned the world. That the whole world revolved around them.. so why was this one so different.


5. Bottoms up

"You need to get me another one of those." I said giving him the empty cup.

"Alright." He said smiling, and laughing. "Are you sure that you don't just want me to put the end of the pump in your mouth so you can drain the keg?" He asked pointing over to the kegs sitting in the corner of the kitchen.

"What the hell do you think you are doing with this bitch here?" A girl said walking inbetween me, and Trevor. I just looked at him. I think it was Tammy.

"You promised me all of you/" She said almost in tears. I just looked at him shaking my head. "Of course." I said walking away from him. He went to grab me to stop me, but I pulled away from him.

"Don't ever touch me." I said turning around, and pointing at him, and then walking away.

I went and grabbed a bottle of vodka that was sitting on the counter, and started to down it. I could feel the buzz come on stronger with every sip that I took. It was a nice feeling, I could almost forget everything that was happening.

"Woah, you better slow down there sweet cheeks." A guy said walking right in front of me. I looked, it was Dean.

"Your friend Trevor, he's an asshole." I said taking one last swig of the bottle.

"Yah, I and every girl he has ever met could have told you that." He said laughing.

"Can you just do me a favor, and tell him not to talk to me anymore." I said.

"I don't think it will break his heart sweety. I am sorry to tell you. You know if I could find a girl is fine, and smart as you I wouldn't fuck up like he did." He said. I knew he was just trying to get in my pants, but maybe I would let him. Just to rub it in Trevor's face a little.

"Do you wanna dance?" I asked him taking a good chug of the bottle, and then setting it down back on the counter.

"I would love to." He said. I grabbed his hand, and started leading him towards the living room where everyone seemed to be dancing. The music was definitely noticeably louder in the living room when we finally got in it.

I could see Trevor watching me from across the room. He was a lot taller than most of the people from around here.

I could feel Dean's hands grab my waist from behind, and him start to grind up against me. I danced with him for maybe five minutes, and I could see the anger in Trevor building up.

"I will be right back." I said to Dean. I could feel my head spinning, my legs weren't even working that well. I made it to the front door, I knew that some fresh air would do me some good.

"Well look what we have here." A deep voice said. I couldn't even find my own thoughts to match the voice with a face.

I turned around and it was Nate. He was always competing against Dan, never did win against him. Never did beat his record, or any of his best times. "Out already grinding on other guys, I am sure your dead boyfriend would be proud." He said.

"Shut up Nate." I said walking up, and getting in his face. "It wasn't Dan's fault that he had more balls then you did." I said.

"And look where that got him." Nate said. I could feel the anger rising in me like water rising in a container.

"And look where it got you, some little shit who still isn't as good as half of the new talent that we got this year." I said.

"Well at least I am still here." He said. I finally couldn't control my anger anymore, I slapped him straight across the face as hard as I possibly could. I could see from the anger that took over his eyes that I had made a huge mistake.

"I think you need to be taught a lesson little lady." He said smirking, and grabbing me arm, and shoving me to the ground, giving me a kick to the chest.

"Get off of her!" Kim yelled running up to stop him, but he just pushed her to the ground. I turned to her on the ground. "Get out of here." I said. She got up, and ran into the house. I knew better than to think she would just run away like that, she was getting help.

Before I could see what happened next, Nate slapped me so hard, I fell to the ground. I thought I was going to pass out, that would have been a lot nicer.

He started to drag me behind the house, I couldn't find my balance or get to my feet. He hid behind to vehicles, and got on top of me holding me down.

"Sara!" I heard Trevor yell.

"Sara! Where are you." I went to scream, but Nate covered my mouth before I could even get a word out.

"You shut your mouth, one word I will boot you right in the face." He said. I bit his hand, and he screamed out in pain.

"How did you know I like it rough." He said smirking starting to undo his pants.

"Sara where are you!" Trevor yelled out again. Every scream was sounding more terrified and desperate for an answer from me. I didn't care what Nate would do to me.

"Help! Trevor!" I screamed, and he slapped me harder than the first time, I didn't think that was possible.

"Hey get off of her." Trevor yelled running over to us.

"What are you going to do?" Nate asked getting off of me, and standing right up to Trevor. Trevor didn't even hesitate a second, he punched Nate square across the face, and knocked him out cold.


I would like to thank the people that have taken the time to read my new book! :) I would really appreciate some feedback. Let me know what you guys think in the comments!




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