Bisexual bitch 16+

Cherry blakeson and Lele Mitchell are two bisexual but then a 3rd person comes in Emily parker and then Cherry starts falling for her but Lele has a plan to get Cherry back and Emily out there lives for good


2. 2

wow that party was amazing cherry said while walking back with lele "DEFO ROCKIMG THAT PLACE" lele decided to shout cherry shut her up by smacking her lips onto her and they started to move insinc until lele broke, I still have to tell my family, oh yeah cherry did forget about that but her replied "I know but in the meantime" cherry was bitting her lip, hard and she knew that turns lele on,


Next thing u know lele smashed her lips back into cherry so as the open there apartment door slammed the door while shutting it still snogging each over face up,but then they both tripped onto the couch. Lele first approach was the take cherrys shirt off and they stopped kissing and cherrys pulled her pants and, lele slowly pushed her two finger In so she was teasing her, "lele don't do that please" she says while ramming her whole hand into her causing her to moan really loud


(Well that happend)

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