The One Directon fanfiction

okay, this is my first 1D fanfic

Hope you all like


1. Chapter 1


 (Y/n) drove her (F/C) cameo around the curve to her house. She was almost there when she saw smoke coming from a blue house near her home. As she drove up to her house, police men came out with her father.

"Dad, what's going on?" (Y/N) said a little nervous.

(Y/N) was a little afraid of her father, she new he was a great man but after her mother and baby sister died in a car accident, he had changed.

"Nothing (Y/N), someone is going to pick you up.... there seems to be some confusion."

(Y/N) walked up to the police man that had his door open, waving.

"Sir, is there some reason my father is being arrested?"

"Are you Ms. (L/N)"

"Yes sir."

"Your father burned down your next door neighbor's house."

"W-what?!" You said stuttering.

"There's no way he'd do that." you said raising your voice.

"Mam, please do not raise your voice at me, I was told a Mr. Niall Horan, would be picking you up."


"That's what you father said, was he wrong?"

"No sir, that's one of my friends."

The man pushed you father in his car.

"Well mam, the neighbor's won't be pressing charges. Good bye."

The police man walked into his car and drove off with two more cars following him.


(Y/N) P.O.V


I watched as the last car turned right on the curve. That was it, your father would go to court and you wouldn't see him again.  Some part of you was happy, but sad at the same time. He was all you'd had, and he was gone.

"Oh that's right Niall is coming over." (Y/N) said mumbling to herself.

(Y/N) quickly ran inside her house. Clothes were all over the place, trash laid all around. Everything unorganized. (Y/N) ran around cleaning everything the best she could.

(30 Minutes later)

I heard the door bell ring.

I ran over to the door opening it to see Nile and another boy beside him.

"Hey (Y/N)." Niall said cheerfully.

You kept eyeballing the male next to him, the boy had brown hair... haze perhaps, and blue eyes.

"Hi." He said mumbling.

"Don't mind him, he's just nervous. Oh and his name is Louis."

"Hi." I said again.

"You going to invite us in?" Niall said playfully.

I blushed closing the doors and ran to your room. I changed into a my loose (Favorite shirt). I put my favorite pair of skinny jeans and brown boots.

 I pulled my long *Pretend its long if not* (H/C) in a ponytail and went back to the door.

"you can come in now."

They both walked in.

"Nice shirt." Louis said.


"So (Y/N), I heard about your dad. He's the one that called me." Niall said.

"Pack your stuff, were leaving."

"Why?" I said curious.

"I'm in a band remember. We're kind of in the middle of a tour."

I ran to my room and put all of what I needed in my One Direction bag Niall gave me. I grabbed my iPod and walked out.

(Regular P.O.V)


(Y/N) walk out of her room to see both boys sitting on her coach.

"You ready?" Niall said

"Can I bring Richi?"


You ran to you backyard to see your pit bull tied up. You put him on his leash and walked him out. While Niall and Louis followed, you unlocked you car and Richi jumped in.

You saw a truck parked beside your cameo, you saw three other boys inside. You ignored them.

"I'll ride with you." Niall said.

Louis jumped into his car.

The trucked pulled out and you followed.

Nialle turned on the radio. The song Voodoo Doll came on.

You and Niall sang to it in sink.


~~That's it for this chapter, some stuff is going to happend later in the story, but comment on what you think.

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