Claire was a typical teenager, until she got a app called Movellas, every story she posted she would get bullied about it by a user called "unknown" and it keeps going on,and on, and on, will Claire's pain ever go away


3. 3

Breathe in, out,in,out who would do such a thing, that's sick in the head, who would hack into ,my fathers Twitter account,unless it was the stupid waste of a life bully's.


My mom walks in to see mè breathing in and out really fast she runs over to me asking what's wrong, I show her my dads Twitter account he wasnt tweeting but I showed her he faved her tweet, she took the laptop off me and ask if she could tweet something, I said sure.


She gives me the laptop back and the tweet said "daryl I think it's time our baby girl is old enough to know - Sarah" then she got a tweet back saying your right and my phone rang scarly as I could I answered it,


Dad-    Me~

-hey baby girl

~dad is that(I started to cry)

-I'm here baby girl your mom found out I never got blown to bits the over week she was to afraid to tell u in case something gets worse but she wouldn't tell me

~ so my cyber bully won't find out I'm getting bullied really bad!


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