Claire was a typical teenager, until she got a app called Movellas, every story she posted she would get bullied about it by a user called "unknown" and it keeps going on,and on, and on, will Claire's pain ever go away


2. 2

I came in from school i prefer school to home, because school I'm good at and i don't think about,"unknown" but I'm not crazy no, to be crazy i would need to lose this.

I head up stairs pick my new hardwood guitar of its stand and start play taylor swift love story, music speaks to me in a good way, lets me let go off all my negative feelings from "unknown" who ever the fuck this person is, or robot you never know in this day and age.

After 3 minutes and 43 Seconds I put my guitar down, I was calm. To get away from my cyber bully I made a new twitter up, i tweeted "love my guitar u can mess w/me jt not my guitar" an tweeted it, wow 6 retweets I must be popular today i click to see who it was.

1) my bff lucy she pretty much retweets or faves any thing i tweet

2) my mom

3)some guy named Sam

4)some girl named Chloe

5)Sarah a girl with mental problems at my support group

Wait what who would do such a thing, the 6th person was my dad?

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