Claire was a typical teenager, until she got a app called Movellas, every story she posted she would get bullied about it by a user called "unknown" and it keeps going on,and on, and on, will Claire's pain ever go away


1. 1

"Hi I'm Claire baldsmith i'm 14 years old and i have a cyber bully, i stood up at my weekly support group for the past month I've been getting cyber bullied on a website called Movella's and every story I would post,"unknown" was there name, my mom danielle only knew as she put me in this support group, my dad George got killed in the navy when I was 6,but what made it worse was that the body was never found.

My best friend is called Lucy (can never remember her last name) and even she doesn't know about my cyber bully. I deleted my Movella account 2 days after it started but then they followed my twitter and sent me messages even though i was not following them, it wouldn't end so i told my mom and she brought me hear."

I sat down, everyone was looking at me like I just said the smartest thing in the whole world, i had to face the cold hearted truth, this is where I belong.

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