Start Over

My name is Eva. I live in L.A. I have lived a pretty tough..... who am i kidding? I've lived a very hard life. Abuse, rape, and almost getting killed isn't in your every day life, now is it? I finally escaped, and started over. I actually met a man. His name is Mark. You may know him. His also known as Markiplier. I want to trust him, but I do have horrid trust issues. Being alone, abused, ect. doesn't really help. I love him, more then anything, and I think he loves me, but I'm still careful. What can I do?


3. Chapter 2


 I have made several friends! All of them are in my line of work. Meghan (, Stacy (, Lisa (, and my newest friend, Mark ( We all are very good friends. 

                                     *BEEP* *BEEP* *BEEP*

  My phone is buzzing, beeping, or what ever you want to call it. I basically got a text. I picked it up and it said 'Markiplier!' I smiled and looked at his text.

@Eva: Hey! Do you have any plans tonight?

From: Markiplier!

 I responded quickly.

@Markiplier!: Nothing. Why do you ask?

 From: Eva

 He then answered right back.

@Eva: Um, how about I take you out to eat? 

 From: Markiplier!

 Dinner? Where did the idea of getting dinner come from? I mean, it isn't a bad idea, but that was unexpected. I thought for a second, then I responded.

@Markiplier!: Um, sure! When? 

From: Eva

 It didn't take long.

@Eva: How about tonight? 7?

From: Markiplier!

  Tonight? Why tonight? Once again, not a bad idea.

@Markiplier!: Sounds great! 

From: Eva

 The reason I am a little unsteady is because I have bad trust issues. Then again, if your father beat you, your brother died, your mom was suicidal, your best friend was killed, and your ex boyfriend raped you, wouldn't you have trust issues?

@Eva: Great! I'll pick you up a 7! See you then!

From: Markiplier!

 I turned my phone off and hoped that I made the right decision. Then again, what could go wrong?


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