Start Over

My name is Eva. I live in L.A. I have lived a pretty tough..... who am i kidding? I've lived a very hard life. Abuse, rape, and almost getting killed isn't in your every day life, now is it? I finally escaped, and started over. I actually met a man. His name is Mark. You may know him. His also known as Markiplier. I want to trust him, but I do have horrid trust issues. Being alone, abused, ect. doesn't really help. I love him, more then anything, and I think he loves me, but I'm still careful. What can I do?


1. A/N


   Hello! Doodlecupcake001 here! Before we hop into this story, I would like to say, thank you. Thank you for taking your time for reading this book. Also, if you happen to see this book with a different cover (the cover is just a little different), it was this book, but I wasn't allowed to type or do anything with that version of the book. When you clicked on it, you weren't even allowed to read it! But, now, I am going to re-write this book, the best I can, and I hope you enjoy! Please leave comments if I am missing anything, and, well, enjoy!!!


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