The Lost Twin

The Second Battle of the Wizarding World is over - but how has everyone coped with it?

Written by Ben Allen


2. The Problem

It had been five years since Harry had defeated Lord Voldemort, and the wizard world had never been more elated and at peace. The houses of Hogwarts were no longer divided: Slytherins were friends with Griffindors, Hufflepuffs were friends with Ravenclaws, and so on. Of course, this did not mean that everyone in the world was good. No, there are still those who were loyal to Lord Voldemort that were at large. Harry Potter, who is now an auror (a dark wizard catcher) had caught up with Lucius Malfoy a few months after Voldemort's defeat. Lucius, being a Death Eater for years, had won himself a free ticket to life in Azkaban. Ronald Weasley was, as well, an auror. Harry and Ron were partners, again, and had caught many of Voldemort's old Death Eaters and other dark wizards. Hermione was now working at the Ministry For Magic, and had been working on promoting S.P.E.W. All three remained friends ever since their adventurous days at Hogwarts. Even at a young age, the three had encountered far worse than most wizards ever had. Of course, Ron and Hermione had married and had two children, Rose and Hugo. Harry, now not worried about the safety of his beloved, had married Ginny (with Ron's utmost consent) and had had three children with her: James, Lily, and Albus. But George... That was a different story. For he once was engaged to Angelina, former seeker on the Gryffindor team. Angelina, however, had broken off the engagement; she could not handle George's depression. She was sympathetic towards him for a very long time, and it seemed as though things would get better. But George could not live without Fred. Fred was the one person that completely understood George, they were inseparable. But all of that had died with Fred. George fell into a deep, deep depression after the second wizarding war, and never recovered from it. That was until now...

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