The Lost Twin

The Second Battle of the Wizarding World is over - but how has everyone coped with it?

Written by Ben Allen


4. Ron's Worry

Ron was worried. Worried for his brother. He sent regular owls to the apartment above the joke shop, and even visited George a few times. Every owl, every knock on the door - all ignored. George couldn't face anyone anymore. He was getting to the end of the line. He couldn't take it. And nor could Ron. So Ron took matters into his own hands: "If he won't answer me", he thought, "then I'll make him." He set off in his Muggle car (so as to not raise suspicion) and drove to Diagon Alley. When he reached George's apartment, he knocked on the door thrice, as hard as he could. "Who is it? What do you want?" replied a sullen, shaky voice from the distance. "It's Ron, and if you don't let me in, I'm busting this door down!" bellowed Ron. The door instantly unlocked, revealing the wasted, dirty apartment that was once full of life. George sat in a very old-looking chair, slumped upon it like a fifty-year-old man returning from a long day at work. His once fiery red hair was now a dull ginger, bedraggled and messy upon his head. He had an unkempt ginger beard that reminded Ron of Hagrid. A walking stick lay against a table next to George, that was littered with empty Butterbeer and Firewhiskey bottles, just as the floor was. Haphazard heaps of clothes lay among the general dirt and dust of the room. Ron looked crestfallen. He always thought it had been bad, but he could never had imagined this. He got George into the shower (a very difficult task, as George was limp, and staring unseeingly, apparently oblivious to his surroundings), and cleaned up the apartment as well as he could. Once Ron had stocked George's fridge with Honeyduke's finest chocolate, and some pumpkin juice, he made his journey home. He could not help but continue to worry about George: what if there was worse to come? Ron awoke next morning, confided in Hermione and was advised to write to Harry. He went against Hermione's judgement, and decided to write to his mother instead. Of course, as soon as Molly read the letter, she forced George to move back to The Burrow. But Molly wasn't as sympathetic as Ron and Angelina. She cut George's hair, she didn't let him drink again, she confiscated his wand so he couldn't Apparate, and wasn't afraid to shout at him. On one occasion, however, she did show some empathy, not shouting at him, but hugging him instead. The occasion being when George changed his hair to a fluorescent blue; Molly started shouting straight away, until George muttered: "I kept thinking it was him in the mirror..." Molly had tears in her eyes when she tightly embraced George. But all of this was to improve...

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