The Lost Twin

The Second Battle of the Wizarding World is over - but how has everyone coped with it?

Written by Ben Allen


6. Reunited

George awoke at The Burrow due to the pecking of his window by an owl that he recognised as Harry's, Bruce. He slid the window open, took the parcel, and, to his surprise, Bruce buried his face into George's arm, and then flew off without a reply. George opened the parcel, and out fell a letter and a small package. He decided to read the letter first. It read:

This could either kill you, allow you to carry on. Both options will allow you to see your brother again. Turn the Stone thrice in your hand, at your own risk.

Of course, curiosity overcoming him, George opens the package to find the Resurrection Stone. George doesn't realise at the time what it was, as he had never encountered it before. Most believe it to be lost, but, unbeknownst to everyone else, Harry had gone back to the Forbidden Forest to retrieve the Stone. So, unknowingly, George turned the Stone in his hand three times, not expecting anything special. But words fail him when he sees what the Stone does. Before him stands Fred Weasley, neat, well-kept, and as jolly as ever. As George stares into his own face once more, he feels elated and complete when the friendly face finally grins back at him. The two do not exchange words, but merely share looks of contempt and gratitude for being reunited once more. As Fred started to fade away, George felt a sense of happiness that he hasn't felt in years. Just seeing his brother, the person he missed the most, once more, has given him the willpower to move on, and continue with his life, just as Fred had hoped. But, never again will he forget the expression on Fred's pale face, after both had been parted for so long.

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