The Lost Twin

The Second Battle of the Wizarding World is over - but how has everyone coped with it?

Written by Ben Allen


3. George's Grieving

It had been years since Fred's demise, but George kept Weasley's Wizarding Wheezes joke shop running as normal as ever. Well, close to normal. You see, George's depression had led him to many devastating and sometimes suicidal thoughts. This sparked George to open up a new serious line of products for the joke shop: Diminishing Depression Devices. These helped George, and others, to temporarily forget all their strife. Memory Milkshakes (a milkshake that sends you into a hallucinogenic world of good memories); PTSD Pastilles (sweets to calm you down into a relaxing state); Sensitivity Triggers (a device that would temporarily deafen you whenever a trigger is mentioned) - all of these and more were the creations of George Weasley, all because of the death of his brother. But they didn't help. No matter how many times he used them, no matter what changes he made, he couldn't forget. And that could be George's downfall.

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