The Lost Twin

The Second Battle of the Wizarding World is over - but how has everyone coped with it?

Written by Ben Allen


1. The Battle Of Hogwarts

The Battle Of Hogwarts: the fateful day that had caused so many to feel unimaginable pain. For many people perished in The Battle, and this affected each victims' family. But the most affected by the loss of family was, perhaps, young George Weasley. He had lost Fred - his twin brother, not only in blood, but also in bond. Never will you meet a more reconcilable pair than the Weasley twins. The death of Fred Weasley, however, was a massive blow to George. For Fred had died fighting next to George; George had to watch as the light had escaped from Fred's eyes, and the normally jovial expression was wiped from his face, replaced by a pasty look of horror. Naturally, his family, his friends, his allies and his teachers were all devastated at the news of his death. But, after several painful months (in some cases, years!), everyone was able to move on, and enjoy life while they could. The same could not be said for George. For him, it was as if he had lost a part of himself. He had never been the same since - no silly pranks, no raucous laughter, no smile, even, for months. Fred was truly half of George's personality, for George has seemed to have buried all of his emotions, and hide them behind a surly-looking, theoretical mask. Mr and Mrs Weasley, although still saddened by the death of one of their sons, secretly wished that George would move on; but it was not that simple...

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