Bullied [l.h]

'People won't care, until you're dead.'

Sequel- 'Recovery'


20. 1.8

The rest of the week was spent by Luke coming over to Malie's after school and staying till 10 every night.

Now it was Friday, and Luke was just called to the front of the room to read his essay about Malie.

He casually walked to the front of the classroom and faced the class, with his hands gripped on the paper.

And Luke began to read his essay.

"Hello I'm Lucas Robert Hemmings, and my essay is about a very special person in my life, Malice Kay Johnson. I knew she was special since the moment I saw her, the moment I first walked into my first class when I started coming to school here. Her grey eyes met mine and I thought she was popular as I kept seeing people throwing papers at her, but I soon found out it was the complete opposite. I saw the video, and the rude comments on the internet and stood up with her without a doubt in my mind. As soon as I found the terrible video that all of the fellow students I go to school with made I direct messages her, for I knew she wasn't okay, I even had read her bio that said 'People won't care, until you die.' And thanks to my friend Ashton, Me and Malie facetimed that night, she told me her story and it made me feel special as she told me that I was the first person who she has texted, talked to, and that I made her smile and laugh for the first time in over 2 years. I stood up for Malice every time I had enough, she didn't deserve it and she never will deserve the bullying, the rumors people made up about her made me sick, and the scars that made me angry, angry at the world. I started to get closer to Malie and now I'm proud to say how lucky I am that she is my beautiful girlfriend. Malice Johnson means more to me than anybody in this world and she opened my eyes to the real world, this is why Malice Kay Johnson is the most special person in my life, and should be the most special person in everyone's life's. I love you Malice Kay Johnson and I always will."

Luke finished speaking the whole essay to his class and took a deep breathe, and the class did something un-expected they started clapping and cheering and it made Luke proud because that was the most meanfuliest essay Or anything He has ever wrote.



Short chapter because this is Luke's essay chapter.

This chapter gave me so many feels even though I wrote it.

Comment what you think.

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