Bullied [l.h]

'People won't care, until you're dead.'

Sequel- 'Recovery'


19. 1.7

After Malie had agreed to be Luke's girlfriend, Luke explained to Malie about the essay he is doing in class about her and when he is finished he will show it to her and try to get it into the county paper.

Then there was a knock on the front door and Luke had looked out of Malie's window to see it was Ashton coming to pick him up.

"We'll I gotta go beautiful, I'll come over after I get out of school tomorrow since you dropped out, I promise I'll think about you all day tomorrow, and text me this time." Luke said to Malie then planting a kiss on her forehead.

And Malie couldn't be happier, she told Luke bye and watched as he left and pulled away in the car with Ashton, of course Luke was furiously waving bye as they left her driveway and that made Malie laugh and she waved back.

Afterwards closing her bedroom window.

Malie's phone went off and it was a text from Luke.

"Oh I forgot about one thing, will you please flush your blades down the toilet please?" Luke asked through message.

Malie thought about it for a second, she was happy now and as long as she had Luke she didn't need the blades, besides Malie has been clean ever since.

So Malie texted Luke

"Okay I will because I don't need them anymore because of you :*"

After the text was sent Malie walked into her bathroom and looked under her sink and pulled out all of her razors, she had 7 of them.

And she threw them in the toilet and flushed them down, feeling relived, it was like a new step and new start Malie thought.

And Malie left her phone on her bed as she went into the kitchen and fixed herself a frozen pizza, she was gonna eat a full meal for once, she needed to do this.

While the pizza was cooking, Malie could hear her phone going off from her took because the house was very quiet at the moment because her dad wasn't there.

Malie nearly ran into her room and grabbed her phone off her bed, the phone stopped ringing and it said on the lockscreen

Missed FaceTime call (1)

Malie unlocked her phone and saw it was a missed FaceTime call from Luke, so she called him back.

"Hey my beautiful girlfriend." Luke said once the screen showed his face, and showed Malie's.

"Hey my wonderful boyfriend." Malie said to Luke smiling.

"What are you doing right now?" Luke asked curious.

"Actually I'm making pizza, shoot Luke you're gonna make me burn it." Malie said laughing as she started to run back into the kitchen, nearly falling because she has socks on.

And Malie pulled out the pizza from the oven, while Luke was still on FaceTime and she ate pizza while FaceTiming him for most of the night.



Short chapter but important chapter, very important, she flushed her blades and had a full good meal!!

3 chapters left + epilogue!!

Comment, ily all. ♡

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