Bullied [l.h]

'People won't care, until you're dead.'

Sequel- 'Recovery'


18. 1.6

When they arrived at Malie's house Luke told Ashton to come pick him up in a hour, that he was gonna stay another night, but his mom will seriously kill him if he does.

So Malie & Luke went straight to Malie's room.

When they entered the room Luke asked


"Can I take down all these rude comments about you that are tapped on your walls, and replace them with compliments?"

Malie smiled and nodded yes, while she watched Luke starting to take down every single note on her wall that had a rude comment about her on it, and threw them in the floor.

Soon Luke had taken off every single one of them and in total there was about 50 of them.

So Luke grabbed all of the little papers in his hand and pulled the curtain back that covered her window, and opened up Malie's window and threw all of them out the window.

Malie's smile was so big at the moment, she was so happy that 1 boy could turn your whole world upside down so easily.

Luke sat down at Malie's computer desk in her room with paper and a pen, while Malie watched, both of them didn't say a word.

When Luke finished he taped every single one to Malie's wall, they were about 100 this time, and Malie read them in amazement.

Then Luke turned Malie around to face him and cupped her face in his hand gently.

Luke slowly leaned forward towards Malie and kissed her on her lips for the second time, it was just like the 1st one but so much powerful.

When they both pulled away They were staring into each other's eyes.

"I like your blue eyes better than the grey ones." Luke said with a smile and Malie said

"Me too."

Then Luke let one of his hands go from Malie's face and pulled something out of his pocket, gently grabbed Malie's hand and placed the piece of paper in her hand.

"I forgot one more piece." Luke said staring at Malie as she looked at the paper and started open it and she read the words

'Will you be my beautiful girlfriend Malice?"

And when she looked back up at Luke, Luke said the same words out loud

"Will you be my beautiful girlfriend Malice?"

Malice smiled warmly at Luke and said the 4 words.

"Yes I will Lucas."

Luke actually didn't mind when Malie called him Lucas and Malie didn't mind when Luke called her Malice.



Finally they are together!!!

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Btw I have this book planned out, and I'm probably gonna have a sequel to it, only if you guys want.

& this book is ending at 2.0 + a epilogue.

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