Bullied [l.h]

'People won't care, until you're dead.'

Sequel- 'Recovery'


17. 1.5


I'm just so broken rn because Calum has a gf now ☹. Her name is Jennifer Phipps.

Anyways Enjoy the chapter!


Soon enough it was lunch time and Luke quickly went to lunch, and it was weird, nobody was making any comments about him or Malie. But when he entered the cafeteria he couldn't find Malie, she usually was always here before him.

So Luke took a seat at Malie's table and started to wait for her, but soon a boy Luke had seen around soon before came up to Luke and said

"Your girl left school, she made a big speech in class today." The boy said to Luke.

And the boy pulled out his phone and showed him a video of Malie standing on the teachers desk making a big speech, which left Luke speechless after he watched it.

"Where is she?!" Luke asked worriedly starting to stand up from his seat.

"I don't know man." The guy said.

Worried thoughts ran through Luke's brain, she could be anywhere, but the worst thought of all, Luke kept in the back of his Mind, the thought he did not wanna think about or believe, the thought that she could be dead right now.

Luke ran out the cafeteria as people were staring but he didn't care, Luke ran straight out of the doors of school and pulled out his phone while looking around frantically.

And he dialed Malie's number.

It rang

And it rang

And it rang again.

But soon the voicemail came, and there was no answer of Malie.

Luke became very worried and he started to breathe heavy, for he could barley breathe.

Luke ran back into the school and started looking EVERYWHERE for Malie, but still couldn't find her.

Luke quickly pulled out his phone again an dialed Ashton's number and when Ashton answered, before Ashton could even say anything Luke started talking away.

"Hey mate I need you to come pick me up right now! I need to find Malie!" Luke said trying to catch his breathe.

"Alright, I'll be there shortly.

Luke exhaled his breathe and ran back outside the school, people were still staring but he didn't care.

In less than 10 minutes Ashton arrived and Luke litterly jumped into the car as Ashton started pulling away.

"Where to?" Ashton asked as he pulled out of the school's yards.

"Malie's house!" Luke screamed.

And they drove away, but when they were 5 minutes to her house they past a girl walking down the road.

"WOAH, Ashton stop, I think that's Malie walking down the road!" Luke exclamied.

So Ashton drove backwards a little since no cars were coming, to the girl walking down the road, and Luke got out of the car and ran over to the girl and sure enough it was Malie and she was crying.

"Malie! Malie! I was so fucking worried about you!" Luke said hugging her from behind.

"I just couldn't stay in that school any longer, I quit school Luke."

Malie said quickly.

Luke turned Malie so she was facing him, "But you only have 2 weeks left till this year is over." Luke said being serious.

"I know, I just can't do school anymore, I'm sorry Luke." Malie said staring into Luke's ocean blue eyes.

And Luke understood and glanced over to Ashton.

"Let's get you home, we're not far from it anyways." Luke said as he guided Malie to Ashton's car and she got in the passengers while Luke got in the back again.

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