Bullied [l.h]

'People won't care, until you're dead.'

Sequel- 'Recovery'


16. 1.4

When 2nd class scrolled around, Luke went and sat in the back of the room again, but then Michael walked in & walked straight over to Luke.

"Did you enjoy the locker room yesterday?" He said with a evil laugh.

Luke didn't reply he just simply ignored him.

So Michael gave up and went and sat down next to Lindsey again, it's probably he longest relationship, 2 days!!

Soon class started and the ELA teacher for Luke started talking.

"Today class we are gonna be writing a essay about a very important person in your life." The teacher blabbed away, and Luke loved the idea, he knew exactly who he was gonna write about, Malie.

"Now every one of you will be reading your essay in front of the class Friday." The teacher spoke, walking around the room.

For once Luke was excited for the assignment, it was gonna be great, and he was gonna try to get it posted into the county paper too.


"Psst.. Malie!" A boy whispered to Malie.

She ignored the guy.

"Psttt." The boy said again.

"I have to tell you something, I know you aren't gonna listen so I'll pass you a note." The guy said.

The teacher turned around and put their index finger up to their mouth and yelled "Quit talking during my lesson!"

The boy shut up, but Malie could see out of the corner of her eye as he quickly wrote down something on the piece of the paper.

And what after seemed like forever, the guy threw the note onto Malie's desk and she looked at him then the note and opened it up, to start to read it.

"Hey I'm Blake, I noticed how your boy stood up for you this morning on the bus, but one question

What happened to Calum?

Wanna know why people bully you?

We'll at first people did because of your wardrobe, now it's because everybody thinks you murdered the boy Calum, that's why they tell you to kill yourself and humiliate you, but seriously what happened to the boy? We all wanna know."

Malie became furious of the note and stood up and walked over to the trash can to throw it away.

"Ms. Johnson sit down, I'm teaching!" The teacher yelled.

And Malie had, had enough and the only reason she was about to do what she was about to do is because of Luke all the confidence came from him.

Malie got up and stood on the teachers desk in front of the whole room, and started speaking to the class, for the first time ever.

"I find it pitiful how you all think I would murder Calum! I loved that guy with all my heart and one day he just disappeared and I have been depressed since until Luke came into my life, *Malie pulled up her sleeves* and these scars are just some of them from him being gone, and from all of you talking about me every single day, you can come talk to me about something before making a big rumor about me and bullying me everyday to the point where I just wanted to kill myself, and before you all bullied me for my wardrobe really? You shouldn't be talking because I know some of you wear the same pair of clothes every week, but I don't say anything because I fucking understand! I get what some people go through, and i can relate to it, but no none of you care and I guess you will all regret it when you all are burning in hell, which I wouldn't want anyone to go through that, but seriously none of you have any hope, and I suggest you all change for the better, even though I know nobody is gonna listen to any thing I say, and just keep doing the bullying, but think before you speak, thanks."

Malie said loudly, she was tired of everything, everyone, everyone but Luke.

And with that everybody was silent while staring at Malie and Malie walked straight out of the classroom with all her things.



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