Bullied [l.h]

'People won't care, until you're dead.'

Sequel- 'Recovery'


15. 1.3

When Malie woke up she saw that she was still snuggled into Luke, and that Luke was still sound asleep.

Good thing she woke up before her alarm went off she thought, she quickly grabbed her phone and decided to change the alarm sound to a default one.

Right when she laid her phone back down Luke started opening his eyes.

"Morning beautiful." Luke mumbled trying to pull Malie closer to him.

"Get up, we have school today!" Malie screamed-whispered, trying to get out of Luke's warm arms.

"*groans* forget school, let's skip.. Pleaseee." Luke said stretching out the 'e'.

"No Luke we have to go, now get up, for me?" Malie asked with hope that what she just said would work.

"Fine, only for you!" Luke mumbled and got up off the bed.

"What can I wear?" Luke asked.

"Uh... I have some boy grey sweatpants you can wear and I have band shirts that can probably fit you." Malie says quickly, looking for some clothes she could wear too.

"Alright, I'll wear them." Luke said sitting at the edge of her bed.

So Malie went through her drawers and got a outfit out for her to wear, and the grey sweatpants and a green day shirt for Luke to wear, and threw him the pair of clothes for him.

"These pants remind me of your eyes." Luke said staring at the grey sweatpants, but when he looked up at Malie again her eye weren't grey anymore they were a light blue.

"Your eyes are blue now!!!" Luke screamed in excitement.

"Because I'm happy." Malie said walking into her bathroom to get dressed.

Last night was the only night Malie has had a full night of sleep in a long time.

When the 2 were ready to go to school they both stood at the end of her driveway, and Luke texted his mom saying he spent the night at Ashton's, and Luke texted Ashton to say he was gonna be staying with Malie for a while to get some clothes from his house and stop by this afternoon.

"Good thing 11th grade will be over in 2 weeks." Malie said as they stood.

"Yeah." Luke agreed.

Finally the bus came and Malie got on first, sitting in the first seat behind the driver as usual, Malie didn't even wear a hoodie today, for she didn't care if people saw her scars anymore, but the people that would see them made her do it even more.

Then Luke got on after her and sat in the same seat as Malie.

Quickly whispers were being spread at the back of the bus.

Somebody finally got up enough nerve to scream something out

"HEY BLONDE BOY DATES THE WEIRDO GIRL!!" One guy screamed and laughed filled after.

Luke had, had enough.

Luke stood up and turned towards the back of the bus and started talking loudly to them

"You know what you guys?!? All of you people make fun and bully Malie, but what has she ever did to you? Is it because she is different than all of you? Because normal is boring and you just haven't tired to get to know the beautiful girl to see how amazing she really is.

And no she is not my girlfriend, but I wish she was because she is better than any of you low down pricks. So grow up, get a pair of balls and act your age." Luke spoke seriously, while Malie had a warm smile on her face.

Then Luke sat back down and the bus was quiet for the rest of the ride, all you could hear was the wheels as it hit the road.

When they got to school, everybody hurried off the bus and went to class, and this time in 1st class Luke sat behind Malie, not caring who's seat it was.



Luke is just oh my gosh, like picture him in the outfit, even though it wouldn't match much, but Luke can make anything work.

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