Bullied [l.h]

'People won't care, until you're dead.'

Sequel- 'Recovery'


12. 1.0

"What was all that about?" Malie asks Luke after Michael leaves.

The stares from around the room were going elsewhere now.

"Who knows." Luke said shrugging his shoulders.

"The bell is gonna ring any second now, for lunch to be over, wanna come over today.. To my place?" Luke asks shyly, not his normal self.

"Can you come over to my house instead?" Malie asks.

"Actually I'm grounded, but I will just for you." Luke says getting up from the stool as the bell rings.

The rest of the day goes on as usual, people still making fun of Malie, and rumors and talk about the thing with Luke & Michael all day.


Luke was in the locker room changing back into his regular clothes, because the bell was about to ring to go home.

Finally he was ready and went to leave the locker room, but the door was locked.

The worst part is, Luke was the only person in the locker room, and his phone was in his locker, halls away.


Malie looked around the school for Luke but couldn't find him, she started to think he ditched her or something.

She became very worried, he didn't even know where she lived and we'll she already done missed the bus waiting for him now.

She saw a teacher coming and quickly hide, but then water started coming out of the ceiling and a awful noise was going throught out the whole school, someone had pulled the fire alarm.


As Luke pulled the fire alarm in the Locker room it quickly to go off, and water came down from the ceiling all around the room, as we'll of the noise that came with it, the terrible loud shrieking noise.

The door to the locker room slowly started to open and in walked in a teacher, who saw Luke and quickly let him out, and went to turn off the alarm.

Lukes plan had worked, and he was free, now he just had to find Malie before she thought he stood her up.

Luke sprinted through the wet halls to his locker and pulled out his phone and texted his mom that Ashton was picking him up, and texted Ashton not to pick him up that he would explain later, and then Luke quickly called Malie.

"Hello, Luke where are you?" Malie's voice spoke through the phone.

"I was trapped in the boys locker room and pulled the fire alarm and a teacher just let me out, where are you?" Luke said quickly.

"I'm in the car with Ashton." Malie said quietly.


A/N ♛

Oooh, okay this is just so interesting, by the way who do you think locked Luke in the locker room, it's pretty simple to find out. But anyways comment and all that junk if you like this story so far. Ily. ♡

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