Bullied [l.h]

'People won't care, until you're dead.'

Sequel- 'Recovery'


11. 0.9

When it was time for lunch, Malie hurried and got her tray and say down at her table she always sat alone at, hoping Luke would sit with her today.

She found the boy interesting, and full of life, which she was the complete opposite she thought.

When she saw the blonde headed boy come into the room she smiled, and he noticed her soon and walked straight over to Malie and say down across from her.

"Aren't you gonna get a tray?" Malie asked confused.

"Nah their food tastes like shit." Luke said making Malie laugh.

"Aren't you gonna eat your food?" Luke asked curiously.

"No, I barley eat food anyways." Malie said quietly.

"Why's that?" Luke asked.

"I just.. I'm fat and don't need to eat more." Malie said looking down at the checkered floor.

"Look at me." Luke said calmly.

Malie looked up and saw Luke who had his shirt lifted up was pointing at his stomach.

"This is fat." Luke said pulling his shirt back down.

And Malie laughed.

"You sure do laugh a lot around me." Luke said grinning.

"You just make me do things I don't usually do Hemmings." Malie said smiling.

"We'll.. Well... We'll, I guess you're freak boy now Lucas." Michael said as he stood at the end of the table.

"You're just jealous that my girl is beautiful." Luke said back to Michael.

When Luke said those words it made Malie tingle in the inside, she was being labeled Luke's girl, by Luke himself.

"Hah you wish, the gum on the bottom of my shoe looks better than that thing." Michael said laughing.

"You better shut up mate, Malice is more than perfect!" Luke spat at him.

Malie felt so happy, nobody has ever stood up for her before.

"What you gonna do about it Lucas?" Michael asked smirking at him.

"This." Luke stood up and took Malie's tray and spilled it all over Michael.

Just about everyone was looking over to Malie's table now and the whole room was silent.

"You're gonna pay for this Hemmings, I promise you." Michael said walking away.



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