Bullied [l.h]

'People won't care, until you're dead.'

Sequel- 'Recovery'


10. 0.8

Malie woke up freaking out, not because today is Monday and she has to go to school but because she realized when she woke up that she didn't cut herself last night to leave another scar of another day Calum has been gone.

It's just that Malie was so happy yesterday, happier than she's been in a while, that she forgot.

So Malie finally decided that everyday she's happy she will not cut, and yesterday was one of them days.

After Malie made her decision, she quickly got ready to go to school, and she rushed to the end of her driveway to wait on the bus, but what she did differently was that this time she didn't look to see if Calum had been around, she wasn't even thinking about Calum, her thoughts were filled of Luke, and only Luke, for he was the only thing that made her happy and she appreciated that.


This time Luke wasn't being woken up by his mother to get up and go to school, but of the happy face of Ashton.

And this time Luke didn't argue to get up because he actually wanted to go to school, to see Malie, and to talk more to this girl, because she never even texted Luke after the FaceTime call, maybe we weirded her out? Luke thought.

It surprised Ashton to see Luke not actually fight back to having to go to school, but he went along with it, because if Luke was happy to actually go, then it had to be a good reason behind it.

So when Luke was finally ready, he got in the car with Ashton & Ashton drove him to school, afterwards Ashton made his way to his job at a nearby store because Ashton actually dropped out of school, but the only reason Liz let Luke hang out with Ashton is because Ashton was genuinely a good kid, and knew he meant no harm, that school just wasn't his thing.

Luke walked straight to his locker and got his things for class, people kept walking up to him and making small chat but Luke kept nicely brushing them off, for he didn't care for what they had to say, that he knew they were just low-esteem people who bully Malie for no reason.

So when the bell rung, Luke happily walked into class, this was his favorite class already, and sat down in his seat.


Malie for once actually liked a class at school, and it was her 1st class, so when the bell rung she quickly hurried to class with not a problem.

And when she entered, she met the gaze of the happy boy Luke, and it made her smile.

She went and sat down, never taking her eyes off the boy.

All during class the 2 stared at each other, just bring happy in the others presentence.

When the bell rung again meaning you have to go to the next class, Malie gathered her things, while Luke walked over to talk to the girl.

People were whispering things to one another when Luke made it to her desk, but neither of them cared, for they were happy.

"Hi" Luke said making Malie giggle a little.

"Hi" Malie said back quietly.

"Can I walk you to class?" Luke asked smiling.

"Sure" Malie said smiling also.

So Luke walked Malie to her next class and she entered, giving him a smile before she walked through the door.

The walk down there was silent, but not a awkward one.

So Luke walked to his next class with happy thoughts.

As soon as Luke walked into his 2nd class, he noticed a red haired boy was sitting in his seat.

"What are you doing mate? That's my seat." Luke said standing in front of the desk.

"We'll it's my seat now, so go on somewhere." The boy said.

Luke was about to say something again when Lindsey spoke "Yeah go get you a new seat Luke, that one is for my new boyfriend Michael." Then sending a wink over to the red haired boy.

Luke didn't feel like arguing so he went to the back of the room and took a seat.



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