Bullied [l.h]

'People won't care, until you're dead.'

Sequel- 'Recovery'


9. 0.7

Soon Luke & a unfamiliar boy faces showed up on Malie's phone screen, she had her camera facing her ceiling.

"Helloooooo?" The unfamiliar guy said stretching out the o.

"Shut up Ashton." Luke mumbled to the boy named Ashton.

That made Malie laugh, and Malie hasn't laughed since the last time she was with Calum.

"We hearrrr you!!!" The Ashton boy screamed happily.

Malie wished she was always happy like Ashton, oh how she wished.

"Hi" Malie said quietly, being the first time she has spoke in over 2 years.

"You finally talked!!" Ashton screamed jumping up and down in excitement.

"Hi" Luke said with a warm smile.

So because of that smile Malie worked up enough courage to show her face, the face she hates so much.

Luke smiled a huge smile when he saw Malie's face, for Luke thought she was beautiful.

Ashton said

"Helloooo again Malieee."

Making Malie laugh once again.

"You're beautiful Malice." Luke said staring at her with amazement.

Malie's face heated up, of course she didn't believe the compliment he just have her, but it made her feel good to finally hear something nice from someone instead of hate.

"Thanks, that uh means a lot." Malie said quietly, with a smile plastered on her face, Luke could make her text, talk, laugh, smile, things she hasn't done in years.

Luke got up and told Ashton to stay in the room, and Luke went into another room and closed the door behind him.

"Sorry I wanted to talk to you, without interruptions, but yeah you really are beautiful, I saw the video and it broke my heart, because I've thought you were special since other day in 1st class when my eyes met your grey ones." Luke said smiling into the camera.

"I uh.. Don't know what to say, you're the first person I have talked to in years." Malie mumbled.

"Why's that?" Luke asked worried.

"I don't really wanna talk about it.." Malie said shyly.

"Oh okay love, if you ever need to talk I'm here for you, and we'll you do have my number now." Luke said with a laugh at the end.

His sweet laugh effected Malie, and because laughing is contagious Malie laughed too.

"Can I tell you something?" Malie said looking straight at Luke through the screen.

"Anything" Luke said seriously.

"You're the first person I've texted in over 2 years, the first person that I've talked to in over 2 years, the first person who has made me laugh & smile in 2 years." Malie said being completely honest.

"I'm honored, because you are in fact very special Malice." Luke said blushing.

Of course Malie didn't believe it, but coming from him made it believable.

"I have to go, Ashton is getting eager to play video games, text me okay?" Luke said quickly.

"Okay." Malie said smiling.

And the FaceTime call ended.



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