Bullied [l.h]

'People won't care, until you're dead.'

Sequel- 'Recovery'


8. 0.6


Sorry for all the spelling mistakes from all the chapters, including the ones to come.

I will fix most of them when I'm finished with this book.

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It's Sunday, and on Sundays Luke doesn't usually wake up till around noon, but his phone was going off, and Luke didn't want to ignore it because it could be important, so Luke woke up and answered his phone.

"Hello?" Luke said with a sleepy voice.

"Hey Luke, it's Ashton" Ashton spoke into the phone excitedly.

"What do you want?" Luke asked annoyed because he woke him up.

"You wanna come hang out today I'm bored." Ashton asked.

"I can't, I'm grounded because I went to a party other night." Luke said still sleepy.

"Oh I'll just come over then." Ashton said happily.

"Okay see you later." Luke said before hanging up the phone.

Ashton is Luke's best friend, they have been friends ever since Luke was in middle school.


Malie had stayed up all night, she kept thinking of reasons why Luke told everyone to leave her alone.

Did he really care?

What about Lindsey?

Malie wanted to dm him to ask him herself if he really did care. But she couldn't get enough nerve to do it, after all he was becoming popular at school and probably be another bully to her too.

But Malie had to know, she went to type Luke a dm message, only to see he had already sent one.

She open and read it

'Hi Malice right?'

And that was the first time she ever liked anyone calling her by her real name, she didn't even like Calum saying it.

So she decided to reply.

'That's my real name, I liked to be called Malie'

That was the first message she has sent to anyone in over 2 years.

'Do you wanna FaceTime?'

Was the next message that Luke sent to Malie.

And Malie's heart skipped a beat, what if he didn't like her? What if he thought she was ugly like everybody else thinks?

But Malie agreed anyways, taking the chance, and sent him her number.

And seconds later her phone started ringing, indicating a FaceTime call.


Luke was bored waiting for Ashton to come over, so he decided to text Malice, the girl he will always remember as the girl with the grey eyes.

But as soon as she replied Ashton walked in the door, he never knocked anyways and stood his phone.

When Luke grabbed his phone back from Ashton after chasing him around the house for his phone, he saw that Ashton asked the girl who wanted to be called Malie to FaceTime, and that she agreed.

So Luke had no other choice than to type in her number and to FaceTime call her.

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