Bullied [l.h]

'People won't care, until you're dead.'

Sequel- 'Recovery'


6. 0.4

Luke woke up with a splitting headache, and he noticed he was on the floor of somebody's house.

He rubbed his head because it was in pain and sat up, noticing the place was destroyed, and suddenly he remembered the events of lastnight.


Malie woke up and started rubbing her eyes, she only slept for at most 4 hours last night because when she lays down at night in the darkness of her room all she can think about is every single flaw she has which is just about everything about herself she thinks, and every night Malie cries herself to sleep.

The only reason she did wake up is because she could hear her parents arguing from downstairs.

But then everything became quiet.

And she heard footsteps coming towards her door.

Then there was a knock on her bedroom door.

Malie got up off of her bed and unlocked and opened the door, even though she didn't welcome anyone into her room.

"Hey uh ..Malice dear.. Your mother and I are splitting up, I'm keeping the house and we've decided you're staying here with me at the house, even though I rather you go with your mother but you can stay here until you're 18 and then you have to leave." Her father said.

Malie knew that she would turn 18 next year and that scared her.

Malie closed the door right in their faces as soon as he was done speaking, she didn't respond to them in anyway.

She knew they were fighting over who had to keep her, neither of them wanted to and she couldn't blame them.

Who would even want her?

She was a waste of space, a mistake that wasn't even supposed to be here.

Since it was Saturday, Malie decided to do what she always did on the weekends, read.

Malie loved reading but not the happy kind of reading, she liked reading the books with the non- happy endings, the ones that can actually happen because that's how life is, nothing is perfect and Malie didn't believe in happy endings.

Besides she thought what is the use? We are all gonna die in the end.


Luke decided to walk home, he didn't know how to get there he just knew that it would be better than asking his mom to come pick him up and get a big leture, or then a hanged over stranger from the party take him home.

When Luke got at the end of Lindsey's road, his stomach started hurting and he rushed over to the nearest bush to empty his stomach.

He couldn't walk all the way home, his only choice was to call his mom.

So Luke pulled out his phone which was almost dead and dialed his mom's number and after a couple of rings she answered.

At first Liz was mad and was yelling at Luke through the phone, but finally she decided to come pick her son up, after he gave her where he was at.

Shortly Luke's mom came and picked him up from the side of the road, the ride home was silent because Luke knew he had made the wrong choice about going to the party, and Liz was mad at her son for actually going, but he was only 17, and she had to understand.



Hope you like this chapter. ☻

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