Bullied [l.h]

'People won't care, until you're dead.'

Sequel- 'Recovery'


4. 0.2


Okay so like I just noticed one of Luke's eyes is like green and the other is blue, foreal look closely.

Anyways enjoy the chapter and comment a heart or a sweet comment if you like it so far. ☻


Luke took a seat in the front row, but kept finding himself looking back at that girl with the grey eyes.

Something was different about her Luke thought but he didn't know what.

He noticed that people would keep throwing pieces of paper at her and she would read them and put them in her binder afterwards.

He thought maybe she is popular.

When the bell rang for the next class, Luke stood up and gathered his things.

But he didn't leave he stood at his desk waiting for the girl to pass, but before she did, people started crowding around Luke asking him questions and being friendly causing him to miss his chance to talk to the girl, the girl with the grey eyes.

By the time everyone had left him, Luke hurried out the door, because he had to get to his next class before he was late and he traced no sight of the girl.

Luke pulled out his schedule and looked around, when he finally found his next class he put the schedule back into his pocket and walked into the class right as the bell rang.

He had to introduce himself again, and skimmed the class for the girl but saw she wasn't in this class and noticed a couple of people from his last one.

Luke chose to sit next to a girl that chatted to him not to long ago, greeting him.

During the middle of class the girl tapped on his shoulder when the teacher wasn't looking and asked for his number.

Luke quickly wrote down his number on a piece of paper and handed it to her, for the girl was very attractive.

Luke watched as the girl put his number into her phone, and then his phone vibrated.

Luke looked over at the girl and she was smiling at him.

He pulled out his phone and started texting her through class

Unknown Number: Hey I'm Lindsey

Luke: Hey

Lindsey: You're cute ;)

Luke: Same goes for you :-)

Lindsey: There is a party at my house tonight wanna come?

Luke: Sure I love partys

The next bell rang and Luke put up his phone, he had forgotten about the grey eyed girl.


Malie sat in her 3rd class not paying any attention to the teacher as he spoke, or to the kids throwing paper at her, she was thinking about the blue eyed boy whose name is Luke that she saw in her 1st class this morning.

He was very attractive to her and made her forget about Calum for now.

Malie couldn't help but think about what this guy thought about her, she usually didn't care what people thought about her because she has heard it all, but for this guy she wondered and she wanted to know.

When the bell rung again it meant it was time for lunch, Malie stood up and grabbed her books and started to walk away from her desk but right as she got to the top of room somebody tripped her causing her to fall straight to the ground.

Everybody started laughing at the girl, nobody tried to help her.

Malie had to admit that hurt a lot, but she's been through worse.

She pulled herself to where she was on her knees and started to pick up her papers that were scattered everywhere, the teacher tried to help, but Malie nodded her head no.

When Malie finally picked up all her papers and books she walked out the classroom to her locker and put her things in there.

As soon as Malie entered the cafeteria she searched for the Luke boy, seeing if she could spot him, but didn't find him.

She grabbed her lunch and started to walk over to her table which she sat alone at, a big old table only for her.

When she took a seat Malie didn't eat her food, the thought of eating disgusted Malie for she already thought she was fat.

The only reason she gets lunch everyday is because the school makes her, but she never eats it, besides if Malie was going to eat food it sure wasn't going to be the school's food.

Malie pulled out her phone and put he headphones in her ear and starting listening to music.

But something caught her eye, she saw the guy named Luke walk into the room, the only thing is that he was walking next to Lindsey one of the most popular girls at school, and to make it worse they were laughing together.

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