Bullied [l.h]

'People won't care, until you're dead.'

Sequel- 'Recovery'


3. 0.1

2 years.

It's been 2 years since Malice who goes by Malie has talked to the love of her life Calum, she never heard from him since, it's almost like he disappeared from the face of Earth.

What happened to him?

Nobody knows.

Ever since, Malie has been in a stage of depression.

She cuts herself every night to mark a day Calum has been gone.

730 scars.

730 days.

Malie has been bullied her whole life & Calum was the only thing keeping her alive, but now that he is gone how will she survive?


Malie awoke to the sound of her alarm, it was the voice of Calum from a old video on her phone.

She slowly got up from her bed, and got dressed.

She did not wear make up, because she can't even look herself in the mirror to try to put it on, besides Malie doesn't even own a mirror anymore, they are useless to her.

She had another day of school, another day in the 11th grade.

When Malie was fully dressed, she pulled a hoodie over her head, and threw her book bag over her back.

As she waited at the end of her driveway for the yellow school bus, she looked around, trying to find any sign of Calum, she did this everyday.

When the bus pulled on her road and stopped at her driveway she got on with her hood on her head like she did everyday, but every time she entered the bus the bus driver would say

"Please take your hood off Malice, and take a seat."

Malie hated when the bus driver said the words hood and Malice.

She hated her first name, and hood reminded her too much of Calum.

But Malie never said a word to the driver, she never said a word to anyone.

The only person she ever talked to was Calum.

Malie took a seat in the first seat behind the driver, she hated people.

As soon as she did, you could hear everyone in the back of the bus screaming things like

"She's still alive! Go kill yourself Malice!"


"Nobody likes you Malice, you're a waste of space."

Malie ignored every word they said everyday, but she still heard them.

Nobody has ever been nice to her, nobody but Calum.

She didn't know why everybody hated her, maybe it was the way she looked or dressed, she didn't know.


"LUKE, GET UP YOU'LL BE LATE FOR SCHOOL!" Luke's mom Liz screamed in the doorway of his room.

Luke shifted and fluttered his eyes open slowly.

"I don't want to go, it's another new school that is boring like all the schools."

Luke mumbled, sitting on his bed.

Luke has been to 3 different schools this school year, and this would be the 4th one.

"Come on, you have to go, you'll make a lot of new friends you always do."

Liz said staring at Luke.

She was not moving until he got up from his bed, Luke is not a morning person.

"What's the point? I'll just leave them whenever we move again, like always." Luke said as anger filled up in his insides.

"Get up, it's the last time I'm telling you Lucas." Liz said narrowing her eyes at him.

"Fine, just don't call me Lucas."

And Luke got up from his bed to get dressed, which pleased Liz and she went back into the living room to wait on Luke to get ready.

Soon Luke was ready and got into the car with his mom, as she drove him to his new school.

The school Malie goes to.

When they arrived, Luke got out of the car and Liz drove off to her job.

Luke scrolled into the doors that lead to the office, he is usually always popular at any school he went to, and was not nervous.

"Hello you must be the new student, Lucas Robert Hemmings?" The office lady said sternly, looking up at Luke from her chair.

"Yes, but call me Luke." Luke said casually.

"Okay Luke, here is your schedule, and locker number including the combination."

The lady said handing him two pieces of paper with a smile.

Luke grabbed the papers and looked for his first class that said on his schedule,

Mrs. Roberts class.

He stuffed the papers in his pocket as he approached the door of the classroom, and he walked in.

All eyes went to the handsome boy, all eyes except for Malie's.

Malie was working on a work sheet as she heard the door open and close, she didn't bother to look up because honestly she didn't care.

But when she heard an unfamiliar voice saying they were a new student with the name of Luke Hemmings, she looked up because of curosity.

And when she looked up her grey-ish eyes met with his blue ones.



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