Me, You and That Other Guy

I loved him, he loved me. It has been almost four years since me and and Austin Have been together. Every one said that we were the perfect couple, and we were......for a while.

My first Movella, hope you enjoy!

1. 1

Lyla's POV:

 " ANGIE!!!!!" 

 " WHAT?!?!" my best friend Angie replied.

 " Are you ready to go to swim practice?"

 "  Yes, lets go."

  At swim, I see my other friends, Kate, Noel, Brandon and Mikey and Austin. 

 Austin's POV:

 There she is, Lyla. She is so beautiful, her tan skin tone, bright green eyes that can out shine the sun. Her hair is the perfect shade of brown, so light and it flows all the way down her back and her full lips that are perfect shade of pink. I can't help but stare shes just so damn beautiful. Her personality is even better, she's funny, kind, and a bit sassy, the perfect combination. She's only 14 too. I doubt that she'll ever date me though, she treats me like a brother. But every time she catches me looking she blushes and smiles. That always gives me hope that maybe someday we'll be a thing.

" U-uh hey L-Lyla" I choke out , honestly its a bit embarrassing that i cant talk to her with out stuttering.

" Hi Austin!" she replies and smiles too, her smile is so beautiful and her teeth are so perfect. Then she walks away to talk to her friends.

That's when Brandon and Mikey walk up too me.

" Wow bro, you really like her, don't you?" Brandon asks.

"What!?!? nooooo! she's like a little sister."  I had to lie if they knew they would tell Lyla for sure.

" C'mon dude its obvious" said Mikey.

 " Really?" I asked.

"Yes" They both said in unisin.

" Austin, its pretty clear to see. The way you look at her , how you stutter when you talk to her. I'm supprised that Lyla Hasn't Figured it out yet." Mikey said.

Lyla's POV:

 "Hey girlies!!" i said to my Angie,Noel and Kate.

 " The question is.... whats between you and Austin?" Angie said while Noel and Kate started to giggle.

 "What nothing! that has only been the second time he's ever spoken to me." i said.

 " ok i guess your right." angie said.

 Practice went on as usual.Nothing too exiting happened not  until after practice at least.

Mikey's POV:

Since Austin has this huge crush on Lyla he asked me to go talk to her for him. Me and Lyla are so deep in the friend zone that there's no coming out, were like siblings.

" Hey Lyla!" I said.

"Whats up bro!?!" she said. Lyla's always so happy, always with a smile on her face.

" I have a question for you,"

" Ok what is it?"

" Sooooooooo, what do you think of Austin." I tried to act as casual as possible.

" Well he seems like a cool guy.... i don't really know him though. I've only talked to him like twice." she said.

" Ok so I have one more question, and i want you to know that I think of you as a little sister so you can trust me. Do you have a crush on anyone?" i said

" Well......." she said as i waited hoping she would say she liked Austin.








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