is this really happening?

there is a girl called Alex and she loves one direction she always wanted to meet them and she does but how does she meet them.
read to find out


2. 2.costa

Alex:please can I have 2 hot chocolate's please.

costa man: yeah sure I will bring them to your table when they are ready

Alex: thank you

I walk over to the table to see Luke talking to some lad

Alex: hey I have ordered who's your friend?

guy: hey I am Zayn

Alex: hey I am Alex

Luke: he tripped over my bag and I said sorry and said that I would buy him a drink.

Alex: I will add it on to our order what would you like Zayn?

Zayn: ill have a hot chocolate if that is alright?

Alex: yeah sure ill go order

Alex: hey please can I add to my order

guy: yeah sure what would you like .........

Alex: Alex and another hot chocolate please

guy: yeah sure by the way I am Callum

Alex: hey Callum it nice to meet you.

Callum: its nice to meet you too

Alex: maybe I could have your number and we could meet up some time because you seem pretty cool

Callum: yeah sure just let me get you hot chocolate's

Alex: yeah sure

he comes back with 3 hot chocolate's and he hands me them

Callum: here you go

I pass him my phone and he puts his number into my phone

Alex: well I will see you later then Callum

Callum: bye

I walk over to the table to see them both talking

Alex: here you go

Zayn: thanks

Luke: thanks

Alex: its okay

we start to talk about random things then Zayn says he has to go so we all swap numbers and he says he will text later.

well I have made 2 new friends today.

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