is this really happening?

there is a girl called Alex and she loves one direction she always wanted to meet them and she does but how does she meet them.
read to find out


1. 1.starter

authors note: sorry about the author's note at the first I just wanted to say my name is Jodie and I hope you enjoy and if you want to be in the story just leave a comment or if you have any Ideas because I am open to suggestions okay the chapter is below thanks xxx

Alex is a normal teenager she has brown hair green  eyes and loves vans she has a brother who is 2 years older than her he is 17 and she's 15 and he is very protective of her his name is Luke and she loves 1D.

Alex pov

my alarm wakes me up with one direction playing the back ground so I get up and put my red skinny jeans on with my black vans and my belly top that says I love New York because I do then I go down to see my family sitting around the table.

Alex: hey everyone

Luke: hey sis what you doing today?

Alex: what do I do every Saturday?

Luke I don't know what?

Alex: costa!

Luke: oh yeah can I come?

Alex: yeah sure come on lets go

Luke: okay1 minute let me go get my shoes

Alex: okay I will be here

he comes rushing down and he is ready

Alex and Luke: bye mum bye dad

off to costa we go!!!




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