Boy 101 (Book 1)

Okay ~~ Hello! I am quite new to this site so PLEASE don't get mad if you don't like it.

Also please give me some feedback. I need to know how I'm doing. I'll take any subjection's. Also if you don't mind commenting about you favorite character (s).

So a summary-
Basically - a girl named Izzy gets involved with a band (Boys 101).
This is my first book and I plan writing a second one.

~~Okay bye


1. Chapter 1


I can’t believe I lost my phone at the movie theatre, well actually its my moms phone, which kind of makes it worse. As if my day wasn’t bad enough. First, losing my mom’s phone and now it starts raining, Well at least its only drizzling, but still what am I going to do ?!

“Yo, Izzy”

After a slight jump, I turn around.


Ren was, and still is my best friend since second grade. He was wearing a hoody jacket without sleeves, topping it off with jeans and of course red DC’s, the casual look for him.

“So what are yo-- Give me your phone.”

He sighed

“Same old you. Here.”

Once Ren handed me his phone I quickly dialed my number. As it rung I, well actually we, walked around the theatre like idiots, searching for my phone. The theatre wasn’t that big, It had only had one big screen and a separate room for the food court.  We looked around and noticed a large group of girls in the corner back entrance. Soon the phone stopped ringing.

“Hello who is this.” Someone answered.

“Shouldn’t I be the one asking you that.” I said angrily,

“I’m guessing this is your phone”

“Yep it’s mine.”  I said annoyed.

“Then I’m guessing that makes you the girl behind us.”

“Wait who are you.”

“ …”

“did he just hang up ?”

I looked at the screen.

“He hung up, The jerk, But who is ‘us’ ?”

Suddenly the girls from that large group became silent. Me and Ren, both turned around to see a boy walking our way.

He had navy blue dyed hair, and he wore a black shirt with some sort of logo on it and jeans. Me and Ren couldn’t help but stare.

I snapped out of it when he was directly in front of me. He bent down enough just  to look me in the eyes.

“Hmm, you say this phone belongs to you right, well prove it.”

I suddenly felt aggravated with this guy, I feel like punching that smirk off of his face, normally would but not with crowd.

Already people are looking at me funny and his fangirls over there are… very… well… how should I say this… unpleasant.  I’m used to the stares so thats not the problem, people always thought me and my friends were weird anyway.

“Well sweetheart I ain’t standing here all day”.

I blushed and snatch the phone from him and went directly to my images and showed him a picture of me and Ren, and with a stern face I said

“Is this enough proof for you.” After saying what I said and showing what I showed, I really wished I could take it back. Instead he laughed,

“W-what's so funny.” I said stuttering.

“That face doesn’t suit you Sweetheart.”

Blush a darker red and  grab Ren’s hand and was about to leave when the guy started to whisper something in my ear,

“The names Sky sweetheart, make sure not to forget. I’ll call you.”

He chuckled and walked back to his group only taking one look back. As me and Ren walked I took a glance back to see all the whining girls as they nervously talked to Sky. Fangirls, their all just like mosquitoes that don’t leave you alone.

Once Ren and I were at the entrance of the theatre something came across my mind. “Since when does that guy know my number?!”

I turned around to see that he was gone.

When I get my hands on that guy he’s going to wish he never laid an eye on me, that, that-

“Izzy I think that guy is from a band called Boys 101.”

Wow…  well to tell ya’ the truth I don’t pay attention to that stuff.

“Ren, you know I don’t care about stuff like that.”

I thought I heard Ren mumble ‘Exactly’.

Ren was definitely acting weird.

“by the way, if his in an all boy band, correct?”

“Yea, why?”

“You're only interested in all girl bands.”

“Wha- no, no way….”

“I saw the magazines, I know you, I know my brother, you two are like two peas in a pod, I think thats how it goes anyway,”

“Roxi’s kind of obsessed with that band, I surprised I didn’t notice before.”

“Well if you say so, anyhow let’s get a move on!”

As I started ran ahead, I saw Ren smiling, but somehow it didn’t feel Right.

“Well we’re here.” I said tired.

I start to unlock the door.

“Ren it’s late, do you want to sleep over.”

I could see a smile on Ren’s face when I said those words.

“No thanks Izzy, we start school tomorrow, and I have to take care of Jlo.”

Oh, that’s right Ren has a french bulldog. She’s a light caramel brown with a white belly. She only has a few black spots which really suit her face,  especially when she give you the hush puppy face.

“Fine Ren stay safe, but you better remember to pick me up. Even though I have a car, I hate driving it.”

Ren has a red camaro with black stripes, that he got for his seventeenth birthday. Ren got me a yellow camaro with black strips.

“Well see you tomorrow.”

As I opened the door, Ren mumbled again but loud enough so I could hear what he said. “You’re the one who should stay safe.”

“What’s that supposed to mean Ren?”  I said worried

He’s really is acting weird.

“I’ve changed my mind I’ll stay, It is really late and i’ll call Roxi to take care of Jlo.”

Ren must really be worried, I guess is isn’t completely acting weird.

“Fine, fine.”

I opened my door and walked over to my mom’s room leaving Ren in the living room to call Roxi. I knocked.

”Mom, you in there.


‘No answer’. I opened my door and closed it behind me. As I was about to turn on the lights I noticed a note. It read,

Dear Izzy,

I sorry about the late notice but I got a call from the company, meaning gotta go to New York. Super exciting right?  Well, I won’t be home for a while, so make sure to take care of your self, kay. I took my business phone so I won’t be able to talk to you all that much. I got you the new iphone since your old one broke so, and you won’t be able to contact me with the one I left you. I already put my number in it. If you need help with anything ask Ms. or Mr.Hood.

Love You,


Same old mom, always leaving without a word.

“What’s wrong Izzy?”

I could see Ren’s head peak out from behind the door.


Yeah nothing, but we both Knew it wasn’t just nothing.

Tear’s came running down my face.

I turned around

“Sorry Ren could you leave for a moment?”

The door closed, he really did leave.

Someone hugged me from behind. “R-Ren?”

“It’s okay Izzy, I know you’re upset. Your mom left again?”

“Yea. I just don’t…” Want to lose her too.

“Its okay Izzy how about we a movie.”

 I smiled.  



We ended up watching two movies because the first one’s genre was a horror, so I made him watch a comedy with me. We stayed up till 10:15p.m watching the two, two hour movies.

“I am so tired.” I said yawning

“Me too Izzy, you are so cruel making me watch two movies, on a school night even.”

“Well who’s fault was that, Ren.”

“Right, well come on I made scrambled eggs with bacon.”

We ate until 7:00a.m and we started to get dressed. I wore a yellow shirt  , blue jeans, the yellow and black DC’s Ren bought me, and a matching yellow and black beanie.

As I was about to open my door when someone, who was most likely to be Ren, started to bang on it. I then opened my door to see Ren, with…no…shirt.

“Ren you idiot what are you doing, put a shirt on!”

“Argh, no time.” Ren grabbed my wrist and pull me to the dining room.


Ren pointed to the corner of the room at a salamander.


My fire salamander. He’s has yellow with black spots. I picked him up and put him back into his cage.


That right, Ren’s terrified of insects and lizards.

“Izzy ready to go.”

“Go where?”


He’s such a idiot.

“Ren go put a shirt on!”

“Oh right, gotta have a shirt to go to school, be right back.”

It took ren about 5 minutes to change into his shirt and put shoes on. He wore the same jacket and shoes from yesterday, but had new blue jeans and a red shirt.

“Okay Ren, now we can go.”  

We decided to take my yellow camaro, with Ren as the driver. Ren turned on the radio.

“So Boys 101 do you have any secret crushes?”

What is this, did Ren do this on purpose?

“Skylor, you first.”

“Well, I wouldn’t say it’s a crush but, I did see an cute girl at the theatre, but I think Sky already claimed her.”

Cute girl at the theatre? Sky claimed her? Just another one of those ‘pretty boys’

“Sky have anything to say?”

I leaned back into the chair, I chucked. Ren was probably thinking I was going crazy, but I couldn't care less.

“Yea, she was just the little…. sweetheart.”

Hold it, they're not talking about…

”Hey Izzy, you think he’s talking about you?”

I turned off the radio not wanting to hear any more of this. We were both silent the whole way to school.

Ren parked the car and we came upon a huge gate. I saw three buildings inside. We enter the one on the left. It was a beautiful golden building.

Inside were lots of kids. I scanned the room until I came across some familiar faces. Roxi, Kat, and my big brother,


I squeezed the brother I haven’t see in almost a year. Richi travels a lot, so I don’t see much of him.

“Come on little sis, don’t kill me now.”

I turned to Roxi and Kat. I Hug them both by their necks,

“I missed you guys!”  

“Com-e on…” Roxi said gasping for air,

I smiled.

“Can’t bre-athe.”  Kat said.

Taking one more look I released them. I just smiled innocently at their angry faces. Once they calmed down I told them about my summer, I even told them about what had happened in the theatre.

“That’s really creepy, I probably would have smacked him.” Roxi commented

“Yea same here.” Kat said in a agreeing tone.

We all looked at each other and laughed.  I turned to Ren to ask him what he thought, but he was quiet.  It wasn’t just him, the whole auditorium.

I looked at Kat and Roxi, but they were as confused as me. I looked at Richi, he just shrugged. I  glanced back to Ren. He looked annoyed. I looked at where his eyes were following.  I saw a seven tall men walk into the room.

Everyone frozen in place. I definitely recognized one, or two people. I whispered to Roxi and asked,

“Why are there two Sky’s?”

“Thats Sky and Skylor, Skylor is the older brother of Sky.”

So…. twins,…,. two Sky’s…. how worderfly…. great.

I sighed and watched how the auditorium slowly got loud. All the Boys 101 fans rushed to the band.

“So, Izzy.”

I turned to Roxi,

“Whats up.” I said casually

“Don’t ‘what's up’ me, Do you think he goes here?”

“I hope not.”

I hope not but, its possible or most likely they are. The principal said something about a prize.

“Looks like mister Hummington is about to make an announcement.” Roxi said.

“Good Morning student’s.”

Nearly anyone said anything.

“I said, good morning students.”

He said it louder, but I guess it wasn’t acceptable, because the vice principal almost completely yelled ‘good morning’.

All the students yelled back, with a few exceptions.

“Thats better, now for the announcement,  as you can see that the band, Boys 101 will be attending Kolulu, Academy for boys and girls.  This will be their first time here so I will need some guides. I’m sure we told you that who ever got best grades or a good attitude would get a prize. So would the following come to my office, Roxi Hood, Ren Hood, Izzy Neveu and Kat the unicorn-, katrin, met me in my office. I have a few more names but I need to talk to them privately. That will be all.”

The four of us looked at each other and sighed, This is going to be a long school year.

“Why, why does it have to be us.” I said angry

“Yea, a lot of people got better grades than me and him.”

Kat pointed to Ren.

“I know you all don’t like them but thats why me and the principle picked you.”

“I happen to so like this band.”

Roxi cracked her knuckles.

“Alright, all the girls and boys perhaps, won’t actually show them around, they will just ask for autographs and thing like that but, you all won’t… right?”


I looked at Roxi, and gave her the ‘are you freakin kidding me.’ face.

Roxi sighed and said,

“I get what he’s saying, lets just get it done.”

We all nodded and left.

“You never told me you liked Boys 101?”

Roxi looked at Kat, She stared at her and shook her head.

“I may have dated one of them, We aren't a thing now, just really good friends.”

Kat looked like she was about to cry.

“You, you …. you’d rather have him as your best friend than me, he was so important you couldn’t tell you best friend, I thought was your friend with-”

Roxi quickly covered her mouth.

“Shut up, or I won’t talk to you again.”

Kat started to grin like crazy.

“You were joking aren't you.” Roxi said angrily

“I was.”

Kat smiled and pushed Roxi into their classroom.

Me and Ren walked to our new classroom. The desks had three rows, and five desk back. each desk could hold two people. Ren and I got a desk in the back right.

     Four of the seven Boys 101 looked to be in our class. All of the girls surrounded the four. It looked that they wanted autographs, pictures. I personally don’t like celebrities, they seem real annoying.  

    “Izzy you okay, theres a lot more students in our class this year.”

    “I’m fine Ren.”

    Ren’s eyes wandered around the room, while I just grabbed my sketch pad. I started to finish a drawing of a tiger. Ren’s birthday was coming up and his favorite animal was a tiger. I was planning to go shopping tomorrow to find a present.

    “Look guys, its the two who are going to guide our band around.”

    I looked up to see a blonde head girl standing beside Ren. I think her name was Crystal. She Had two other girls in next of her. Her loud voice caught everyones attention. The teacher had left to get an attendance sheet so no one could quite them.

    Now that you think about it, what teacher on this earth leaves a class full of twelve grade students alone.

    “You two look cute together, keep it that way. Izzy was it, remember my dad is the president to your moms work office.”

    Everyone ‘oohed’.

    Ren looked like he was going to stand up. Ren and Roxi always fought my battles not this time.

    “ Crystal was it? Let me tell you something, just because those pretty boys over there aren't paying any mind to you, doesn’t give you the right to mess with other people.”

    I leaned closer and said,

    “ And just because you daddys little girl, doesn’t mean he will give everything to his…. lovely daughter.”

    I smirked as I said my last sentence.

Everyone seemed speechless. Before Ren and Roxi came into my life I did have to protect myself, I’ve just never had the chance to do so with them around.

    Crystal raised her hand to slap me.


    I closed my eyes expecting the slap.

‘Nothing happened’. I opened my eyes slowly to see One of the, Boys 101 band member in front of me. He wore a white polo shirt that had, some design with wings.

    “Your not cute at all.” he said. bluntly

    Crystal had a shocked face, I couldn’t help but smile. The guy on the other hand just walked back to his band.

Everyone quieted done once the teacher came back into the classroom.

    The teacher introduced himself as  mister Smith. He looked to be in his late twenties to early thirties. He has a sharp look wearing, a white button down polo shirt and dress shoes.

    “Class, I would like to get one thing straight, I will treat you according to your age and or how you act.”

    He turned and faced Crystal.

    “Ms.Clay, I beleive how you acted towards Ms. Neveu was childish, I presume you what, five at the most.”

    Girls quietly giggled, I kept a ‘I don’t care’ look but was smiling inside.

    “Ms. Neveu, she acted according to her age, standing up for herself, and lastly Mr. Sommers, quite the lady killer.” He looked around the room at the different teens. His face started to smile.

“I won’t lie, It was very amusing seeing and hearing this argument but, do not let this happen again, or you’ll regret it.”

    Mr.Smith combed his hair with his hand and turned to the twins, I’m still not sure who’s, who.  

    “To the misters in the back, please try to make your difference noticeable the next time you come to school. No that everything is cleared, this is homeroom, I allow you to do mostly anything appropriate, don’t disappoint me.”

    He sat at his desk.

    “Oh, one more thing, at this time, Ms.Neveu and Mr.Hood, please show the boys overthere around.”

    He pointed to the Boys 101 members,

    We both grabbed our stuff and made our way passed the glares of the fangirls and into the hallway.

We waited for the band members to come outside the door.

    “You know who we are right.”

    I looked at the chestnut boy with matching eyes and simply said ‘no and I really don’t care’.

    “Can you believe that, I stick my reck out for this girl and she doesn’t know who I am.”

    The chestnut boy made a childish face as he pouted.

    “Let me introduce our selves properly, I am sk-”

    “Like I said, don’t care who you are, oh and thanks for back there with Crystal.”

    I turned around with Ren by my side.

    We showed them all throughout the building telling them that the building in the left is the auditorium and the building on the right was the gyem.

    “And this concludes today’s tour.” Ren said.

We both sighed in relief as we turned back to the band.

    The band members started to whisper to each other until the boy with the chestnut hair smirked.

“Hey Izzy, which one is Sky.”

I looked at the chestnut boy confused,

“I guess the one on the right is Shy and the one on the left is Skylor.”

They all turned to each other and again, started whispering. I looked at Ren and shrugged. I turned back to the whispering boys.

“You got it right sweetheart.”

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