My bestfriend

Jordyn has always loved her best friend Tom and she had always hid from him until this summer...


2. summer break

Jordyn's P.O.V.

It's summer break and I have 6 weeks to do what I want. That means I'm gonna relax, get drunk, go partying hard and maybe get them shared tattoos me and Tara & me and Tom was wanting. Anyway for now I'm gonna go put a bikini on and go to the lake behind my house I'll meet tom and Tara there we all live in like a big circle thing with a lake. Hmmmmm which bikini to wear? Oh this ones my favourite I'll wear this. I put it on and walk down my decking and get in my row boat to the middle of the lake where there's a little island where we all meet.

Tara and Tom finally turn up after like 15minutes and we all decide to go for a swim; whilst I'm swimming I feel a leg drag me under. Once I'm under the person grabs me by the hips and kisses me I instantly know it's tom... When we come back up we act like we was pulling each other down to Tara. I go back to the island in my own and lay down. Tara comes over and tells me she's going to get ready for her date so I stay laid there forgetting Tom was still in the lake swimming.

I must have fallen asleep because next thing I know I feel cold wet water being dripped on my I look up and see Tom hovering over me soaking wet; I push him over and attempt to dry myself off until I'm picked up and thrown back into the lake. I get back out check the time and decide to go home to have something to eat so I say bye to Tom and go back to my house.

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