My bestfriend

Jordyn has always loved her best friend Tom and she had always hid from him until this summer...


4. party and confessions

Toms P.O.V

Right I'm at the end where is she? For god sake if we're are late again I'm gonna kill her. 'Tom' I turn around knowing its Jordyn shouting. Oh shit wow she looks gorgeous; God sake I'm trying to tell myself I don't love my best friend and here she is getting more beautiful every time I see her. I tell her she looks gorgeous and make her blush then tell her we need to be setting off.

As we arrive at the party I see lots of lads whistling at Jordyn, the usual so I decide to put my arm around her so they all know to shut the fuck up. As we walk into the house she sees Tara and we walk up to her. 'Thought you had a date' I hear Jordyn asking her 'oh yeah but I told him I would prefer to come here and then we can walk home together and he said Aight but we will need to make up for it with a better date next time' Tara shouts over the music.

Jordyn unhooks herself from me and walks off to get a drink. I see dalton and Harry walking over to me 'eyyup tom' dalton shouts 'he's pissed already' Harry explains to me 'I can tell and hey mate sorry my sister decided to want to come here instead she hates missing party's you know what she's like" I say to him "yeah I know well hey after 2 years with her I'm used to it and missing one date is nothing don't worry bout it although I saw you walk in with Jordyn... you still like her don't you?' I freeze 'no I love her Harry and I don't know what to do I always have I guess I just need to move on I think when I say I love you to her it means something different to her than it does to me yano' I explain to him. He nods his head and says 'I can tell she feels the same just go for it mate trust me' 'if only it was that easy' I whisper I guess he heard me because he said 'it is when you stop being a nervous wreck mate trust me just get pissed then tell her how you feel'. I think I will do just that.

Jordan's P.O.V

I decided to go get a drink I mean hey it's a party for a reason, I decide to get a vodka and Coke to start off with and I walk over to Lucas and Zara 'this is one of the best party's of the year so far guys well done' I shouted to them 'well its my party Zara just planned it all for me' Lucas chuckled 'well either which way it's good' I explained 'hey I'll drink to that' Zara yelled and downed her drink followed by me then Lucas.

Dalton came running over with Darcy following after him 'hey guys' dalton shouted I laughed at him and looked at Darcy she looked seriously tired 'Darcy you look tired go home you shouldn't have to look after him when he gets this drunk you're his girlfriend not his mother' she chuckled ' I know I just don't want to leave him after what happened last time when he nearly jumped of the cliff into that lake near Preston's' I laughed 'oh god I remember that like it was yesterday- shit sorry not funny babe' she giggled 'no if it wasn't my boyfriend I would probably be in hysterics with you babe don't worry about it. Anyway I'm going to go home with that twat- dalton come on we are going home' he turned around and looked at her like a little boy as though she had candy from a store 'my house or yours?' She chuckled 'my house baby' he pouted 'that means no getting lucky tonight then' we laughed at him. 'No but i might make you pancakes in the morning to help with your hangover you will have' his happiness soon returned 'sold to the girl that I am lucky to call mine' everyone around us laughed at his outburst of choosing pancakes over sex.

After they finally left I saw Tom coming over to me he was clearly drunk like he came up to me and whispered into my ear 'you wanna dance baby' it sent shiver down me he chuckled 'I've always made an impact on you almost as if you like me gorgeous' I giggled 'you said it not me and yes I would like to dance pretty boy' he took me to the dance floor and we danced then he leaned into me and said 'I love you Jordyn not like a best friend but in in love with you and if when I'm sober at I never mention it again Because I pussy out then I want to make tonight count' I look up at him and in seconds he connected out lips together. Everyone around us cheered this is different I mean I've kissed him before but never infront of people.. Maybe he really does love me like I love him.

This is the best night of my life.

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