My bestfriend

Jordyn has always loved her best friend Tom and she had always hid from him until this summer...


6. new experiences

I finished my breakfast and went to get a shower. I was singing jack by the vamps when Tom came in and say on the toilet he started singing with me, I couldn't help but giggle we did this all the time. Even now when we are together we sing and still act like we used to. I whack my hand out of the curtain and Tom hands me a towel I dry my self move the curtain and step out of the shower.

Tom gives me a smirk and pins me against the wall he kisses my head while still holding my hand above my head 'I love you chicken' I blush it feels different when he says it now 'I love you too dipper' I giggle 'who's the best person in the world' he smirks at me 'well me duh💁🏼' I state obviously he chuckles, 'I would re-think your option since I'm not the one pinned up' I look blankly at him 'nope my answer stays the same' he looks at me with lust in his eyes. 'Wrong answer princess' he whispers in my ear.

next thing I know he nibbles my ear and starts breathing down my neck, oh shit this isn't good he begins to kiss down my neck leaving small love bites all the way down. He brings his head back up to me and kisses me I kiss back he start biting my lip I keep moaning 'jump' I do as he says and jump I then realise my towel has come off and he's standing there in his boxers. I keep moaning as he kisses my neck and collar bone, I start pulling on his hair then I feel something again me near my crotch.

Shit I've turned Tom on, I decide to keep going and not pussy out I jump off him still kissing him and take his penis in my hand. I hear him groan I glide my Finger up and down his dick and realise he's really big, he grabs my hand and looks at me 'you sure baby I don't want to make you if you don't want too' see this is why I love this boy 'I'm sure gorgeous' he lowers my hand again this time into his boxers. I grab his penis and move my hand up and down I hear him in my ear so i decide to get faster this stays for about 5 minutes then I hear his breath hitch and him groan really loud as his jizz goes all over my hand.

I look up at him smirking 'your turn next baby' he whispers seductively I quickly wash my hand and kiss him he grabs me by the hips and starts grinding on me, he lowers his hand and starts rubbing me I can't help but moan.

He enters a finger and starts pumping in and out I moan into him as I realise I'm getting loud I keep pulling on his hair as he enters another finger he keeps slowing down then getting faster I keep moaning to him but I've pulled his head down that far that I'm moaning into his ear while pulling his hair. I feel myself about to cum and he speeds up feeling my sides closing in and I cum, I look upto him innocently he chuckled at me before kissing my head. 'I love you Jordyn your amazing never forget that' I think I just died inside 'I love you too Tom I have ever since we was 6' I blush he starts getting in the shower and I go to my room to get dressed.

Well that was a new experience but I'm happy it was with Tom.

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