My bestfriend

Jordyn has always loved her best friend Tom and she had always hid from him until this summer...


1. I'm jordyn

Jordyn's P.O.V

Hi I'm jordyn I'll tell u a few simple things about me now. So I am turning 16 in two months today (12th of October) I love to sing and dance and I live with my mum and older brother Ryan, as my dad died when I was 12. 😏 I don't like to talk about it though but im sure I'll mention it to you at some point.

Anyway my favourite colour is baby blue which is why that's the colour of my hair. I have blue eyes although they turn green when I'm upset and turn greyish when I'm mad they are quite bright but when I'm like happy or I see Tom (Tom isn't my boyfriend I'll explain further on)

they sparkle and go extremely bright.

Now something only my best friends know Tara &Tom is that I cut... I started when my dad died 😔 I haven't stopped they've tried stopping me but all their attempts have failed.

And now a secret only Tara knows (Tara is tons twin sister) I'm in love with Tom 😏

he can't ever find out I mean we have decided to have this pact we was each other first kiss, make out & we are going to lose our virginity to each other. We decided it should be to who we care about so we decided why not to each other ey I mean it means more to me than he knows I just can't tell him that 😏😥

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