That day

Luke and Kendall have known each other since primary school.

10 years later they are going to London for there first holiday when something goes wrong


1. 1. the meeting

10 years ago, Australia

"Kendall sweetheart it's time to wake up for school" he dad whispered in my ear.

"Okay" I smiled while opening my big blue eyes. I really hate school so I do. I have no friends, I'm very antisocial for a 7 year old.

I got up and got washed and brushed my teeth, then my mum helped me put my uniform on. "So Kendall can you try to make friends today" my mum slightly sighed.

"I can try" I pouted, I have can make friend I'm to scared.

I was dressed and had my hair up, my mum Made me pancakes and we headed to school.

"Have a good day sweety" my mum waved.

"Bye mum" I yelled, as I was walking go the playground I saw this really nice boy but I didn't go up to him, to scared.

It was around break time now so I headed to the library to read like always. But I was my usual clumsy self and bumped into somebody sending mine and their books flying.

"I'm so sorry" I blurred out. "Hey it's okay" I heard a boy speak. It was that boy from earlier, dammit.

"I'm Luke, what's your name" the boy spoke again.

"I'm K-Kendall" I faked smiled. This I got really awkward.

"well it's nice to meet you, want to hang out at lunch?" Luke asked.

"Sure meet you at the tree" I smiled.

-skip 1 year-

It's Luke's birthday today, he's Turing 8. We have became best friends and I have devolved a crush on him. I got him a special necklace and some other things.

I was heading to his house when I saw him talking to this girl. No no no.

She looked over at me and gave all of a sudden kissed Luke.

I dropped everything and ran to the park. I could hear Luke run after me but I kept running.

I stopped by a bench and just sat there crying "Kendall are you okay" I could hear Luke shout

"No" I cried

"What's wrong" he pouted

"That girl Luke" I frowned

"What about her?" He asked

"Luke she kissed you"

"Wait why does it matter"

"Luke I have a crush on you" I frowned.

"Oh, Kendall can I ask you something" he smiled weakly.


"Will you go out with me, I know we are young but I really like you" he smiled.

"YES LUKE" I hugged him tight.

-skip back to 10 years-

"Luke get off me" I yelled

" NO" he laughed


"C'mere we have to pack for London" he laughed

"Oh yes! I still can't believe it, we are going on our first holiday" I squealed.

"I can't wait either babe" he smirked then kissed my neck.

Hey guys so sorry i haven't been writing 😔 being lazy ☺️ anyway I'm trying to update more 😘 luv you all ❤️

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