Secret Twins

Everything was fine in Riley's life she was completely in love with her boyfriend Texas until one sleepover one kik and one snapchat and everything was changed


5. Two.

*Riley's POV*


"noooooooo I don't want to watch slapshot that movie grosses me out!!!" I said

"well make up your damn mind woman you have said no to everything I have suggested" Josh said.

With that I got up and ran into the kitchen and started rummaging through the cupboards about 10 minutes later Josh decided to come into the kitchen and see what I was up to "other than destroying my kitchen what are you doing?" He asked. 

"What the Hell does it look like I'm doing I'm baking!!" I said.

"Oh goody" he replied. 

"You love me and you know it" I said. 

"More than you know" he mumbled

"Did you find a movie yet?" I asked. 

"Ummm what about Furious 7?" He said


As we sat down i noticed that Josh fell asleep so i got up and went into his bedroom and fell asleep.

*The next morning*


I woke up and rolled over. 

THUD. I landed on the floor. Where am I? Oh yeah I fell asleep at Josh's. Shit I slept at Josh's. I checked my phone. 16 missed calls from Batman (Liam). Fuck! I'm screwed. 5 texts.

From: Cam

Someone didn't come home last night ;) 


From: Batman (Liam)

Get your ass home now Riley! 


From: Cam

Where the fuck are you? Still at your buddie's? Liam is freaking out.


From: Cam

Riley! What the fuck?! You stole my favorite hoodie! p.s Where are you?


From: Cam 

This isn't cute Riley! Bring me back my hoodie!


I responded to Cam but figured it's better not to tell Liam where I am.

To: Cam

Bitch! I could've died and you're worried about your damn hoodie? Anyways yes I'm still at Josh's and before you ask, no we didn't hook up. Tell Liam I went to work early & that I spent the night at Calleigh's & my phone died. 


From: Cam 

Alright. I'll cover your ass...IF you bring me back my hoodie! 


To: Cam

You're hopeless


From: Cam

It's my favorite. So you can kiss my fat ass.


To: Cam 

Whatever. Just get Liam off mine. 


Then I spent the entire day cuddling with my Best friend on his couch watching dumb movies and making fun of the Kardashians.   Eventually though I had to go home. As soon as i walked in the door Liam was up out of his chair and in my face.


"Where did you stay last night?" He asked me.

"Calliegh's. I'm sorry I didn't call, my phone died. It won't happen again" I said.

Camryn was standing in the doorway smirking. She had tried to talk herself out of trouble a million times with Liam and it never worked...So she knew what I was in for. 


"Don't let it happen again." was all he said and he walked away.

"Are you fucking kidding me?" Cam said rather loudly.

"Do you have a problem?" Liam spun around and glared at her.

"Yeah, I do" She said. "If that we're me you would've lectured me for twenty minutes and locked my windows. Why does she get off so easy?" 

"She doesn't smoke pot. She's not failing all her classes. She doesn't sneak out at least three times a week. She doesn't sleep over random guys houses. She doesn't party. She doesn't get brought home by the cops. Do I really need to continue Camryn Elizabeth? She's not you." He yells

"Right, because you love her. She's not me. Thankfully for you. Don't call me by my full name and don't try to be a father, I never had one before and I don't need one now." And with that she stormed out the door.

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