Selen's life was living hell. her mother was murdered by her father, and now she has to live with him. what will happen when she runs away and meets a nice irish guy and his four other band mates?


1. should i stay?

i lay there shaking as my father stands over me with his hand raised. "if u ever try running away again i swear i will kill you!!!!!" he says. i nod my head and get up slowly. "im sorry dad i promise it wont happen again." i say he looks at me and smirks, god i hate him. he killed my mother and made me watch. he said if i told anyone that he would kill me. i walk to my room and close the door, thinking of how i will escape this time. maybe his time i could go at night when hes actually asleep. ive made that mistake so many time, i swear that guy stays up all night. i lay on my bed and fall asleep thinking how im gonna do it this time. 


I wake up and look at my clock reading 2:30am "this is it" i say to myself. i quickly change my clothes to a pair of black shorts and a black hoodie. i gather up some more of my clothes into a pillow case and slowly open my window. my house is a 3 story with a large front lawn and a garden in the back. luckliy my room happens to be by the garden, so i have something to climb down to the ground with. i start my desend when i see a light come on in the hallway infront of my bedroom. i frantically climb down scratching my knees every once in a while. "oh god hes gonna catch me" i say to myself as i quietly cry to myself. when im about halfway down i here my bedroom door open. i try climbing as fast as i can but then i see my father leaning over my window. "U LITTLE BITCH I WARNED U!!!" i am almost to the ground when he brings out a gun and loads it "oh crap" i whisper to myself. hes about to shoot when i jump off and hit the ground. it wasnt far enough to where i could hurt myself thank god. i begin to run as fast as i could dodgeing his shots hes taking at me. i run until i cant run anymore but even then i still walk as fast as my legs will let me. i go to an allyway and hide behind a dumpster. " i finally did it" i think to myself. i sit there smiling to my self. i fall asleep in the allyway. thats when i here it. footsteps coming this way. my heart starts ponding and i get up and start running again. "wait we arent going to hurt you!" i here a irish accent say to me. i keep running anyway. i glance back and see a curly hair boy right behind me. "get the hell away from me!" i scream. as i look back at them i trip and fall. "owww" i say holding my knee. the curly haired boy and the other four that were chasing me come over. they all look at my knee " are you ok love?" a blonde boy asks me. "get away from me" i growl at them. they dont move a muscle. "what happened love, we arent going to hurt you" a  boy with a birthmark on his neck asks me. i dont answer. "look im fine and i dont need help from u creeps." i say. they all look at eachother and nod. before i know it im being picked up but the curly haired one and brought to a van.i try kicking, scratching, biting and everything but he was too strong. "let me go" i scream. all of a sudden everything goes black


i wake up on a couch with a massive headache. i slowly get up to see the 5 boys watching tv. "where am i?" i ask. they all look over and get up right away. "your in our flat" a boy with black hair says. i look around. its huge. what happened to me? " what happened?" i ask them. the blonde one answers. "well we saw pretty much the whole thing with you running away from your father or whoever that was. we saw the ally that u went to and we followed u there to see if u were alright. then we brought u here." then i remember. oh no! these were the creeps who were in the ally. i shoot up and struggle away from them. "get the hell away from me" i say. " we are trying to help you" the curly haired one said. i shake my head and start to cry. "no your not my father sent u" i say. they come over to me and hug me. maybe they arent as bad as i think the might be. "jus to let you know we dont do that kind of stuff especially since it could go out to the press." the one with a higher pitched voice tells me. "lou dont scare her" the curly haired one says while nudgeing the so called "lou" " what do u mean by the press?" i ask looking at all of them raising my eyebrow. they all look at eachother " hello, we, are, one, direction, yay!" each of them say. "whoes one direction?" i ask. "they are a famous boyband, also know as Harry, Louis, Zayn, Liam, and Niall."the black haired one says. "so thats u guys?" "yes" they all say in unison. i giggle a little bit. "you have a beautiful smile love" the blonde one says. i blush. a couple minutes of silence go by and then i ask "so which one is which?" oh right we didnt tell u, sorry about that love." the one im guessing is called louis, because the curly haired one called him lou. "im Niall" the blonde one says "im Zayn" the black haired one says. "im Harry" the curly one says. "im Liam" the one with the birthmark says. and Louis is about to say his name but i inturrupt. "im guessing that your Louis then, right?" he smiles and nods his head "good job love" i smile. "so how did u guys know i was running away from my dad?" i asked a little confused. "oh he lives right over there." i look at the direction hes pointing at and i see my house. "oh my god" i say to myself. "is there something wrong love?" Liam asks me. i look over at him. "my house is right there, my dad will find me, and he'll kill me." all of their eyes go wide and then there is a knock on their door. i start crying. " its him he's going to find me." no love he wont. go upstairs into one of the rooms and hide under the bed or any place that u can hide at." Niall says. i run up  the stairs and once i get to the room i here the door open. "oh my god" i say under my breath as i hear foot steps running up the stairs. the door opens and my dad is standing right there. "there u are u little whore." he says with a smirk on his face. thats when i see it. Niall is coming up behind him with a frying pan. "calm down Niall has it all planned out." i say to myself as my dad comes closer and closer to me.

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